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JM Services, one FREE template - multiple purposes! Do not miss it!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

Few days ago we released with pride the free EF4 framework for Joomla 3 that we are going to use as a base for our next Joomla 3 templates. We are absolutely sure that our customers will appreciate our work that we put into the previous framework innovation. Together with the framework we released brand-new FREE Joomla 3 template JM Services that comes with the demo copy.

The power of EF4

Take a few minutes and watch what exiting about the EF4 framework. Why is it so powerful? See for yourself.



JM Services Free template

It's completely FREE and waiting for download in your user account. You can use it for your site or your client's site. 

Thanks to the EF4 configuration settings there is unlimitted number of colors you may use to modify the template design ang get completely new scheme wihtout touching a template code. Simply enable a theme customizer on the front page and choose color from the color palette or enter hex value for particular template layout parts. The same easy modification applies to fonts settings and template layout! Using layout builder that is available on the template backend you will adjust template layout separately for desktops, tablets and mobiles with ease, just need to use your hand :) to choose position number or use drag and drop to move layout blocks.


jm services theme customizer


Multiple purposes? How?

Just take a look at 3 examples of the free template: businessculinary and dental. All those examples uses the same free template and EF4 as a base. To be honest it took the coder several minutes to modify the template colors, fonts, layout and details like logo etc. Other modifications like images in the slider module or icons in the top menu are issues not related with the framework but other Joomla backend areas.


 Business version

jm services business


Culinary version

jm services culinary


Dental version

jm services dental


Do it by yourself!

Watch the step by step video guide.

Live demoCheck more details