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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Joomla templates

Is the purchased Joomla template for life or a period of time?

The purchased Joomla template and extensions are for life. You are allowed to use a purchased Joomla template as long as you wish, no matter if your access to the download area expired or not.

What does the license mean?

After purchasing the Joomla template you will get access to download area. The access duration time for downloading packages is limited and depends on the license you choose.
It means that during this time you will get:

  • the access to download area to get packages
  • Joomla template and extensions updates
  • support

You are allowed to use a purchased Joomla template as long as you wish, no matter if your access to download area expired or not.

What comes with the license?

Depending on the license you choose you will benefit from different values depending on the product.

Where can I download the Joomla template?

If your payment was successfully verified by the payment gateway you will get the information about the download area on your mail. If you do not receive the message from Joomla-Monster remember to check your SPAM folder.

I paid for the Joomla template but did not get the download link, how long I have to wait?

After transferring the money, payment gateway needs some time to verify your payment.
Usually, the verification takes a few minutes but sometimes it may take up to 24 hours - to eliminate the risk of fraud.

Will I get commercial extensions as separate downloadable files?

Most of the Joomla extensions are provided by and they are included in the Joomla template price. Other extensions providers give a big discount on their products or provide free component versions. Check more details on Joomla template descriptions.

Will I be charged for commercial extensions that the Joomla template uses?

You will not be charged for commercial extensions created by Other extensions providers give high discounts to buy their premium extensions. Check more at your account.

Can I install and use other extensions with your Joomla template?
Of course. There are no limitations to use any 3rd party Joomla extensions with our Joomla templates.
I want to download files but my download access for the Joomla template expired. What can I do?

If you renew your subscription early, you'll get an extra 40% OFF. If you upgrade to a Regular plan from a Mini plan before time, you also get 40% OFF.

You can also save a 25% in case of upgrading form Mini or Regular to Unlimited plan before the expiry date.

Can I get trial version of a commercial Joomla template?

We do not provide trial versions of our commercial Joomla templates.
We suggest checking one of our free Joomla templates, the rule of usage is similar.

Do you provide the demo site copy?

Yes. Install quickstart to get the exact copy of a demo site of a purchased Joomla template. Note, the quickstart does not include images used on demo site - images are exchanged with placeholders.

How can I get the invoice?

Since launching a refreshed website in December 2021, we do not sell our products directly to end-users anymore. It means that our sales are performed using the authorized reseller, Paddle.

Can I get a discount to buy the Joomla template?

Yes. Contact us to discuss the discount

Can I get a discount to buy the Joomla template?

Yes. Contact us to discuss the discount

Why do you add the tax amount to the price?
Prices are quoted in Euro and do not include the VAT. According to EU law, EU customers who do not own EU Vat number will be charged VAT amount applicable in customer's country (European Union) of residence.
What is customer support and how can I get it?
During your subscription period, we deliver the best support and customer care. We provide many helpful tutorials about our product management, 1-1 support area via ticket system. Please note that we help with managing the product you bought on our site. We do not support 3rd party extensions created by other companies. The support does not include your website customization or code modification.