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DJ-Catalog2 3.9.0 update brings many new features

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

We are happy to announce that the new version of DJ-Catalog2 - shopping cart and catalog Joomla extension has been released. The update brings plenty of new features that many of the extension's users have asked for.

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Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the reading.

Important: If you are an existing DJ-Catalog2 user, please read carefully what has changed before updating the component, remember to do the backup first and if you encounter any issues during the update, contact us to get assistance.
The most important changes you should check are User extra fields and templates for email notifications as in these areas the biggest changes appeared.

7 most important changes in DJ-Catalog2 v. 3.9

update #1. User extra fields

In former DJ-Catalog2 versions, all user attributes such as name, address, the phone used to be hard-coded, and it was not possible to create custom attributes without changing the code of the application.

Now it has changed, and we introduced a system that allows controlling customer attributes more flexibly and creating custom fields.

You can change the order of these fields; you can set where a given field is to be displayed, there is much more flexibility of the component. 

Although the change is seemingly invisible from the front of the page, there are big differences in the component settings.

Learn more about Customers / Users attributes and extra fields 

User extra field

#2. Multilanguage support

Specific categories, products, producers, or extra fields can now be assigned to different languages. And also, you can associate the contents of a different language between themselves.

Core support for multilingual sites

djcatalog2 core multilang list

#3. Custom order statuses

There is a new feature allowing administrators to manage order statuses more flexibly. You can now change their names, title, or description. 

Order statuses can have a specific meaning, such as sending e-mail notifications dedicated to individual statuses (it's possible to assign an order status to a specific email notification), display a more detailed description for each status, or generating an invoice when the order has been paid.

Other additional features include the ability to indicate the default status for paid and the status for new orders (logged-in users or visitors on the site).

Learn more about order statuses

order statuses

#4. Templating system for e-mail notifications

You can now easily modify the contents of the e-mail notifications and create your own templates.

Previously, templates for email notifications were already defined, and the introduced change gives the possibility to create and edit their content (HTML code) in the Joomla backend.

What's more - you can access the log of all the messages sent by the component. For this, there is a database of sent emails, where you can find them.

Learn more about Email templates & messaging

message template

#5. Action Log support

The component is integrated with Joomla!'s logging system. The "action log-DJ-Catalog2" plugin is used for this purpose. You can monitor different types of activities performed by your users.

Learn more about the User Action log plugin

actionlog log

#6. Stats module for administrators

The Admin Stats module displays e-commerce statistics in the back-end panel.

Learn how to use the stats module for DJ-Catalog2

admin stats example djc2

#7. Slider layout for "Items module."

The new version of the DJ-Catalog2 "Items Module" received an alternative layout (slider). You can select how many products should be displayed per slide, per row, and column.

Learn more about the Items module

mod djc2 items slider example

Remaining changes & improvements

  • Automatic labels / badges

Products can now be labeled automatically when a pricing rule (e.g., discount) has been applied to them.

Labels - badges & automatic labels

  • Possibility to disable invoices or send them via e-mail

Invoices, proformas, waybills - PDF documents

  • A new type of field - Textarea - in Product customizations
  • "Catalog mode" (i.e., simplified/limited version of the component) has been removed

Video walkthrough

More about this update

Don't forget to update your DJ-Catalog2 extension. The update is available via the updater and you can also download the package directly from the download section.

The content of the blog post comes from the DJ-Extensions website: DJ-Catalog2 3.9: core multilanguage, email templates, extra user fields, custom statuses, action logs and much more 

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