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DJ-Catalog2 directory and eCommerce software for Joomla, incl. GDPR compliance new

Directory and eCommerce software for Joomla, 3rd party Payment and delivery plugins, support for VAT rates

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  • Joomla 3.9
Module Version3.9.0 changelog
Last Update22nd April 2021
  • supports mobile devices
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eCommerce software for Joomla CMS

Build your online store with powerful eCommerce software with Joomla CMS

DJ-Catalog2 offers an eCommerce shopping cart software for Joomla CMS. Now it’s a feature-rich solution, easy to use, allowing to create an online store and start selling your products using all features required for a professional e-commerce website.

Discover the features and the power of DJ-Catalog2:

  • allow your customers to make an order as a guest or create an account
  • create various payment and delivery methods,
  • create a various combination of one product,
  • adjust non-predefined attributes of a product,
  • assign different VAT rates,
  • define either variable price or discounts (tiered pricing feature)

Learn more about features

Tiered pricing unique feature in eCommerce

Define prices or discounts for your products depending on purchases

Grant your customers a discount if they purchase a required number of products in a single order.

Three types of discount definitions are available:

  • fixed value - calculate the discount base
  • discount by percent (%) - enter the discount percentage
  • discount by value - enter the discount amount

Four types of rules (quantity breaks) are available:

  • individual - the number of products allowing a discount is taken for a specific product only
  • across all products - all products in the cart are summed up
  • same producer - only products assigned to the specific producer will be summed up
  • same category - only products assigned to the specific category will be summed up

Learn more about tiered pricing

3rd party Payment and Delivery plugins are supported

Use a defined method or create own!

The eCommerce website software feature is prepared for new payment / delivery plugins. The available payment plugins at the moment are:

  • Paypal
  • Mollie
  • PayU (Poland)
  • Przelewy24 (Poland)

Learn how to create a payment method

Learn how to create a delivery method

Product comparison table

Help your customers to make a decision

During registration you can display additional fields so that users can decide if they want to use private messages and whether their profile should be visible to other users allowing for sending messages.

Use this feature to support users when they are considering attributes of products. The comparison is a popular activity that users perform on the web. In many cases, it’s required action before site’s visitors will perform the desired action.

Support for VAT rates & rules

Define VAT rates and assign them to countries

Our eCommerce software solution gives the possibility to define VAT rate for a product, and assign different VAT rates to different countries. You can even assign a defined VAT rate for each product in your store. If the customer comes from a specific country, he will see a product’s rate given to this country.

VAT rates / rules can be created in component’s back-end on VAT related pages.

Fully loaded with features needed for successful directory website

Unlimited products, categories, custom fields, locations and more

With DJ-Catalog2 you can build easily a great, fully featured directory website with Joomla CMS. Add, update, remove listings easily with Joomla UI in the backend and clean frontend. DJ-Catalog2 was built with admins and users in mind.

An administrator can easily manage the unlimited amount of:

  • categories and subcategories
  • products (also child products/product's variants!)
  • producers
  • images
  • attachments (any format you like)
  • custom fields (now with fields grouping functionality)
  • locations (displayed on Google Maps)
  • customers
  • queries

See demo websites created with our eCommerce software for Joomla CMS

Useful modules

Choose from many modules

The online store software comes with many deeply configurable modules out of the box!

  • Categories
  • Filters
  • Frontpage
  • Items
  • Producers
  • Related Items
  • Search
  • Query Cart

Frontend management

Let your users manage listings from frontend

An administrator can allow users to add/manage the listings from the frontend.

DJ-Catalog2 comes with flexible Joomla ACL support.

  • select categories that will be available for frontend users (You can just let them add products to a couple of categories, not all)
  • allow adding products/items to several categories
  • limit the number of categories the product can be added to
  • set if the added item should be auto-published or should wait for administrator's confirmation
  • set to hide/optional/required different parts of the DJ-Catalog2 product when adding from frontend (producer, price, field group, metadata)
  • Many additional settings available (email confirmations, images settings, attachments etc).

Flexible output

Tweak the output as you want to customize your directory or online store website

You can set the output of the DJ-Catalog2 in many ways. Also assign different outputs to categories, menu items, and even single product.

The new feature is also the possibility to allow users to choose the layout style of the listing - there's now a handy switch that allows changing the table view to grid/blog view. Let the users choose what's best for them.

The component also comes with two independent (responsive ready) themes out of the box:

  • default
  • bootstrapped

You can manage every bit of the output:

  • amount of columns in the product list
  • how many products per page
  • layout type: blog/table
  • default ordering
  • featured items options (show only featured products, set the featured products to be first on the list)
  • show/hide: category filter, producer filter, search filters, a-z filter, category ordering, producer ordering, name ordering, price ordering, created date ordering
  • category filter type (all categories, active branch, direct parent branch)
  • show/hide attributes/ description, price, producer's products
  • set description length
  • show/hide read more
  • many more

Product page settings:

  • show/hide product images
  • set category name to be a link or not
  • producer name can be linked to lightbox with producer information, shown as text, link to producer description in the new view, hide
  • show/hide producer's product - a link that shows all products from this producer
  • show/hide price - or show it only when it's larger than zero 0
  • show/hide navigation (next/prev product)
  • set amount of columns of related terms and set number of related products that should show up

SEO Settings

Easily change the URL settings for your eCommerce products

With DJ-Catalog2 you can build a directory for many branches as well as SEO optimize the output.

The extension comes with a unique SEO functionality. In the settings area, you can set your own names for the aliases, this gives you the great option to customize the catalog to your needs (it does not need to be product, producer etc, you can change those parts). What’s more, you can choose what will be the Alias separator (dash/coma) and ID position (before or after the alias).

Go social

Add any social sharing buttons, and let users leave a comment on your online store

Add social buttons where you want. You can add any social icons/buttons! Use your favorite social buttons provide, or just use the generic buttons, it’s up to you, just insert the code.

Decide where the social buttons should go (top, bottom, after a title, after content, product page, category page, producer page)

Choose between available comments systems:

  • Facebook
  • Disqus
  • JComments
  • DJ-Reviews

Multilanguage support with Falang & JoomFish

Translate DJ-Catalog2 to any language and use multi language eCommerce additional solutions

You can use one of the most popular multilanguage solutions for Joomla to translate DJ-Catalog2.

We've prepared content elements for:

  • Falang
  • Joomfish

Extra fields and filters

Custom fields, field groups, filters

Field groups

  • Create field groups for different types of your products and group extra fields.
  • Fields group can be then chosen while adding the product.

Extra fields types

  • text
  • Textarea
  • HTML
  • Calendar
  • Select
  • Radio
  • Checkbox

Extra fields options

  • assign to fields group
  • select visibility (disabled/list/product details)
  • use in filters
  • use in search (keywords)

Filters module. With the filters module you can:

  • decide where to display the module (everywhere, product list only, product list and single product pages)
  • show/hide Extra Fields group title
  • select which groups should be used
  • select categories that will use filters

Images management

Customize and manage the pictures and images used in the directory

  • Select lightbox type (Picbox/Slimbox)
  • Select resize mode (Resize and crop/Resize) and area (horizontal/vertical)
  • Set images sizes for large/medium/small images
  • You can also set the vertical and horizontal spacing between images in product details view to get it to look exactly as you want
  • set custom sizes for product details, blog, etc.

Import option

Import products from .csv

Thanks to flexible import option you can import from .CSV file such data as:

  • products
  • categories
  • producers

You can configure the import tool for your eCommerce by creating your own import dependencies.

Read more

Queries and query cart/basket

Inquiry for multiple products at once

Users can ask a question about single products as well as multiple products at once. Query basket allows users to add to the basket any amount of items and send a question to Administrator about additional details he wants to get.

An administrator can review queries in DJ-Catalog2 control panel as well as receive emails about the queries. It’s like having a shop without an option to pay for the products.

Google maps and locations

Display products on Google Maps

DJ-Catalog2 comes with predefined countries from all over the world. Each user profile as well as product can be assigned to a location and then searched on a map.

With the Map Search view, you can allow users to search for items with selected radius from preferred location and see results on the map.

The fastest way to filter the results in DJ-Catalog2!
Read more

DJ-Catalog2 Integrations

The integrations listed below are available for free with the DJ-Catalog2. Some of them are being installed with the All In One package and some of them can be found in Downloads section for DJ-Catalog2.

Translate installed items.
Add SEO support for DJ-Catalog2 component.
Display ads & categories in OSMap sitemap.
Use DJ-Catalog2 Items as a source of DJ-MediaTools Albums.
Allows to add additional information to user profile.
Allows to separate from the content (text above first pagebreak), named sections which will be displayed in divs, tabs or accordion.
Allows any visitor to bookmark DJ-Catalog2 product pages easily with many popular services.
Allows to embed custom field into product's description.
Allows to search inside the DJ-Catalog2 content.
Allows to review,rate and comment items.
Allows your to comment on products items.
Allows users to comment items.
Allows Fb users to comment items.
Allows users to comment items.

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