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JM Apartments – what should you know about the features.

| Andrzej Herzberg | Joomla Templates

Our new template was created for people who deal with running a hotel, hostel or guest house.
We used some great extensions from that allow for the presentation of the offer in a clear and attractive way. 

Let's take a look on the features in detail.


Theme Customizer – create your own color version in seconds

If you need to fit the template design to your hotel brand logo, you can do that in seconds. Using Theme Customizer you can change the colors on fly and preview them on your website. Quick and easy to use without looking into code.

TIP: Modify the template design with EF4 in few minutes!


Theme Customizer


Layout Builder – manage module positions and responsive layouts

This tool allows you to build a layout of your template. What is more you have a possibility to show or hide selected blocks and modules for specific screen resolutions. This way you can minimize the look of your website for tablets and mobile devices to focus visitors on the most important content.

TIP: How to configure Layout Builder?


Layout Builder


DJ-Catalog2 – present your offer as online catalog

DJ-Catalog2 extension is a ready solution for the presentation of the offer. In our example we have created categories related to the room type. We have also created custom fields with detailed information about the hotel and rooms which a visitor can use to filter the offer.




Another important feature of DJ-Catalog2 is a possibility to add a room to quote. This way a site visitor can contact the hotel owner to get an estimated cost or to ask about availability.


DJ-MediaTools – display galleries and slides in many ways

DJ-MediaTools allows you to display galleries and slides in many various ways. Additional plugin for DJ-Catalog2 is included so you can use the DJ-Catalog2 items as source for your slides.




DJ-Tabs – show important news in tabs or accordion

Using DJ-Tabs extension, you can display some important news in a compact and attractive way (tabs or accordion). On our live demo we used the tabs layout to display general information about hotel.




DJ-MegaMenu – display main menu as offcanvas for mobiles and tablets

JM Apartments includes the new version of DJ-MegaMenu module. The simple selectbox for mobile devices was replaced by 3 new mobile menus to choose from: offcanvas, accordion and select menu.




Home page variants – use one of the predefined views for your home page

On our live demo we have prepared some additional examples of the home page arrangements. In the „Home 2” view we have assigned a different template style with dark background for the topmenu area. Other proposals are: Nivo Slider or DJ-Catalog2 Frontpage module for the header module position. You can preview all examples on our live demo:


Home Variants


More InfoLive Demo