What is a Quickstart?

Do not know the difference between the template and quickstart packages?
Take your time and read this article.

What is Quickstart?

Quickstart Package
Quickstart - quickstart.zip file, available to download in the download area.

Quickstart.zip is an exact demo site backup of the particular template.
It means that it includes:
  • all standard joomla files (Joomla CMS)
  • all extensions that are used on a demo site
  • an installed and configured template
  • sample data (includes configured extensions, custom content etc.)

In short, Quickstart is the exact copy of a template's demo website.

What is a template?

Template Package
A template is responsible for a site layout only.
It doesn't contain sample data that quickstart includes.

Customers, who have live website already running, commonly use a template to save their database. However they will get the other site layout with new template so all modules have to be assiged to new template layout.

NOTETemplate does NOT contain database, you will not install a demo copy by installing a template via Template Manager .
If you have clean joomla already installed (e.g with Fantastico ) and want to get the demo copy, must delete all joomla files from your server and install quickstart manually.

How to get the copy of our demo website?

TIP: Already have Joomla automatically installed on your server? Do not know how you can install Quickstart now?

That's really simple to do and takes about 3 minutes! ...provided that you know all necessary FTP and database access details that you need to install quickstart manually via FTP.
The installation process looks exactly the same like with a standard joomla package.

Watch the following video guide:

for Joomla 3.x or read the tutorial for Joomla 3.0

for Joomla 2.5

INFOOnly this way you will receive the demo copy.
You can also order our service, but try to do it by yourself first.

What can I do with all purchased files?

Take a look at the graphic below to understand how the purchased files can be used.


Download the graphic pdfhere7.36 MB.


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