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Test drives for Joomla templates demo sites are ready to use!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

We are happy to announce that we launched test drives for several templates that use classifieds Joomla extension and component for creating an online product catalog.

Our customers often ask us if there is a possibility to test classified or catalog Joomla template before purchasing and the only way to test was using components demo drives of the default views.

But now customers who want to launch a classified ads website or create a product directory and consider using our Joomla extensions may check the different component's configuration that we present on several demo sites. 

Where can I find demo drives?

Here is the official address for all demo drives for several Joomla templates you may browse.

Depending on the template you want to check out choose the DJ-Classifieds or DJ-Catalog, inside you will get demo sites.

How to access test drives?

You may login to backend and frontend of the demo site using the same access details. At each demo drive look for such an access details that are displayed always at the top part of the website. 

backend access joomla template

drive frontend access Joomla template

Which backend areas I may test?

After login to the backend, you will see the alert in the red box letting you know which areas you may test. Other areas are blocked. Take a look at the example below:

test drive installation joomla template