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Good news regarding a paid subscription for Joomla template :)

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

We would like to thank you to all our customers for trust and buying our products. All we do, we do with love and the highest care providing the high-quality Joomla templates and professional Joomla extensions that you use to create your successful business website.

But the most important for us is Your full satisfaction with our products no matter if it's a free Joomla template or a paid subscription that's why we want to serve you with the best longer support! That's why to make you feel more comfortable we extend the regular support time :)

How the rules changed?

Starting from 6th September 2017 the rules for the subscription duration for the single Joomla template changed. Now the regular subscription period is 6 months for a template and extensions! (instead of 3 months).

It means that now you have 6 months the access to purchased files of Joomla template and extensions as well as you will get support during this time if needed :)

If you choose Extended support (one of the additional options below the single site license price for $19) then the support for the template (extensions not included) will be extended to 12 months.

single site license for Joomla template 

How can I change my template and extensions subscription duration?

If you bought the template after 5th June and want to have your license extended:

  • find your username related to the subscription
  • contact us and send us your username

We will check it, extend and let you know. Then you will be able to check changes to your account on Joomla-Monster and DJ-Extensions.

My license expired, can I extend it?

Once your license is expired you may renew the subscription for templates and get the voucher on Joomla extensions again.

The new 6 months subscription period will be also applied to all customers who want to renew their old subscription.

How to renew the expired subscription?

I got all templates bundle, can I extend it?

The offer does not apply to customers who are subscribed to all Joomla templates bundle. All templates bundle stays without any changes for 1 year subscription period.

I'm new, what's included in the template price?

Watch the short video to get it.