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[SNEAK PEEK] DJ-Classifieds 3.10 will bring many new features!

We can't wait to share the latest news with you!

The DJ-Classifieds ver. 3.10 is almost ready and will be released soon. This update will bring a huge number of new features, changes, and improvements.

What's new in DJ-Classifieds 3.10?

DJ-Classifieds 3.10 will bring many changes and new features. Let's focus on them now.

Changes related to the Registration/Profile edit pages

  • Core fields' params for choosing which user fields to display
  • improved password fields with "Show password" button
  • improved validation
  • storing all submitted data in case of error/missing captcha

Improved User Items page

  • Delete/Archive/Block/Activate actions on multiple items
  • Filter select, to quickly display only items that active, inactive, expired, archived, etc.
  • 'Displayed/Hits' ordering column
  • Separate 'Default ordering'/'Default ordering direction' global config params

Improved Post Ad page

  • loading "All categories" custom fields on page load, without selecting category
  • remembering custom fields entered values, to not have to fill them again after category change
  • option to display Captcha at the bottom of the form
  • remembering all entered data, to have the form already filled out in case of return on error/missing captcha

Improved Auctions

  • 'Auctions assist' new parameter, to let the system do the bidding automatically, basing on users' submitted max bid value and auction's 'Min bid increase' value
  • 'Auctions time auto extend' new parameter, to extend the auction time automatically for Y seconds, if a user posts bid in the last X seconds of the auction's duration
  • Automatic, ajax-driven, item's bids list and price reload, to see all the posted bids without a need of reloading the page

New field params

  • Show in modal', to show checkbox fields in separate modals
  • 'Show assigned values only', to show in search module only field's values that are assigned to active items
  • 'Linked value', to display field's value as links to a page listing all the items with the clicked value
  • 'Email CC/BCC', to send 'Ask form' emails additionally to the given address (with an option to hide it in the form)
  • 'Label extra info', to display additional info text under field's form labels

New Ask form/Contact params

  • 'Ask form for user groups', to restrict advertisers contact option to users per user groups
  • 'Contact only for user groups', to restrict showing contact details to users per user groups
  • 'No contact access page', to choose a page to redirect for users with no Ask form/Contact access

New redirect params

You can choose where to redirect after registration, profile edit or posting advert (with an option to override it in chosen menu items)

Other new params

  • 'Prom. "Move to top" user group prices', to override default "Move to top" price per user groups
  • 'Expired ads auto-archive', to automatically archive expired items after set number of days
  • 'Registration/Last visit time', to show user's Registration and/or Last visit time in the Profile page
  • 'Allow multiple videos', to allow providing multiple youtube links in the item's Video field
  • 'Use ""', to embed YouTube videos using '' domain (to enable privacy-enhanced mode)
  • and many more

Other changes

  • Global parameters override support per each menu item/page, giving even more configuration options.
  • New email tags for displaying advert data like image, region, address, etc.
  • many more new features, fixes & improvements

More information about DJ-Classifieds

We can build, customize any classified ads website for you. Our services also cover custom programming of the features for your project. If you have questions about development services - contact us with details.

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming version of DJ-Classifieds or want to discuss something included in this article, feel free to comment below or contact us with your questions.

The blog post content comes from DJ-Extensions website: [SNEAK PEEK] DJ-Classifieds 3.10 with a huge number of new features