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JM-Royal-Beauty-Salon Joomla Template

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

jm-royal-beauty-salonThe new release of JM-Royal-Beauty-Salon joomla template is addressed especially for beauty theme but it can be also used for e.g. wedding or any woman or lightness websites.

The demo website of that template contains many our extensions, which can be found very suitable for your company.
The most powerful extension introduced for here is our absolute hit DJ-Flyer component and module. It's placed at "flyer" position and displays the company's offers from the specified category. To make your website more encouraging your potential clients to visit your beauty salon, you can put separete thumbnails of services with their names, an avarage service price and the full description of the service.
The standard frontpage content is hidden but you can make it visible if needed by enabling the "Frontpage View" option at template's parameters.

Starting with that template, we have introduced at its demo website the new version of DJ-Menu module, that allows you to display menu with mootools effects.
There is also the availability of the old dj-menu version usage - standard drop-down menu.

The another our new module implemented at demo website is DJ-ImageTabber module ( at "header" position ) that works with DJ-ImageSlider component.
It can be used to display examples of your salon works, any training results, something that make your potential clients more familiar with your brand.
There is also a possibility to put a custom module with a static image instead the DJ-ImageTabber.
The other module DJ-ImageSlider that can work standalone or with DJ-ImageSlider component is placed at "slider" position and displayes cosmetic brands recommended by the salon.

Modules at "bottom" position use a special code that allows you to display max. 5 modules in the first row and the next "bottom" modules will be moved to another second row.
The way how the code works you can read here, where the same solution is included to the template.

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