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JM-Flavor-Power Joomla Template

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

jm-flavor-powerJM-Flavor-Power joomla template's layout is created especially for restaurant theme because of many graphic elemets of food that are parts of the template modules' background.

Take a look at the template module positions here. As you can see,  each part of the template can be easily replacable, even a cook placed over the "header" position.
You can see DJ-ImageSlider  introduced at the frontpage of the demo website but there are no restrictions to put here a custom image module e.g. on subpages.
To make your customization work with the template easier, we prepared 2 PSD files of header backgrounds.
Look for them in the "source" directory of your purchased package. The first one is responsible for the slide background, so you can use it to create your own slides.
The second one can be used to create a cutom header image with rounded white corners like here.

The "sidebar-mod" position contains a custom html code to show you the way of that module usage. Because of the menu book form,  consider making a menu list or put here a special offer etc.

The template includes styles for DJ-MultiTreeMenu module, our new menu extension based on mootools effects.

Another important extension, implemented at the demo website is DJ-Flyer component and its module. That joomla extension perfectly suits to the restaurant theme regarding to its functionality.
The DJ-Flyer module works with DJ-TabGenerator module here in order to create a tabs of category and put a separate DJ-Flyer module inside each tab.
But you can also create dish categories and its items with DJ-Flyer module only - we found the above way more interesting.

I would like to mention about template parameters. As you can see, the template doesn't include a main joomla content at the frontpage. If you enable "Frontpage View" , the default content will be visible. Otherwise it is hidden. You can also specify your logo image name and the path to the logo. And finally the cufon font, which is used for titles, can be disabled and the standard font ( here Verdana font )