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JM-Knights, Games & Entertainment

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

jm-knightsJM-Knights joomla template is designed not only for medieval themes but for all issues connected with castles, queens, kings or an ancient events.
I'm going to describe some template's parts to let you know how the template can be managed or modified.

I will start with the wide picture of the large castle, which is a background of the top template's part. The image is located in template's image directory and the background style is added to:

layout.css file at line 18

#allpage {
background:url("../images/top_bg.jpg") no-repeat scroll center top transparent;

If you would like to change it, just override the image file. Note that the image is centered, so make sure that your image is wide enough.
You can use the PSD file of that template graphic design, which is included to your purchased package ( "source" directory ).

When it comes to logo - it's a crest located at the upper right corner of the website.
You will find that image in template's directory of images, so just override files to display your logo.

It's worth to mention about clouds, wchich cover the knight and castle.
It's also an image used here as a background for clouds div id:

layout.css file at line 50

#clouds {
background: url("/../images/clouds.png") no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
position:absolute; top:175px;

If you don't like it, just delete these styles.

When it comes to knight and slogan at the top of website, these are modules located at specified positions.
See here all template's positions:
It means, that the images can be modified in a very easy way, editing the modules and putting your own content.

The demo website contains DJ-Catalog2 and DJ-ImageSlider components and their modules implemented.
Learn more about our extenstions here:

See here all template's features