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JM-Baby-Catalog, Family Template

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

jm-baby-catalogYou can found our new joomla template JM-Baby-Catalog very useful and perfect for your company.

Both templates' demo websites contain our new DJ-ImageSlider component and its module, which allows you to display images in many ways. The module can work with the component or as standalone ( using images from specified directory ).
If you want to learn more about this extension visit our addons website . You will find out about all its features, which can be set and also see more module's layouts.

Another great extension introduced at JM-Baby-Catalog demo website is DJ-Catalog2 component, its modules and plugins. This extension can be used for your stationary store products in order to create a catalogue of your store stock.
As you noticed, DJ-Catalog2 allows you to add categories, producers or even product prices. You can add many images to your product and also attachments ( e.g. product instructions ) . 
Visit our forum and component website to learn more
Note that this component is not connected with VirtueMart.

Many demo website's modules contain custom HTML and CSS code. We engourage to install your joomla using file, attached to a purchased package, to get the exact copy of the template's demo.

The header module is replacable, it means that you can create your own modules with different images at header position.
The current images are located in images/stories/modules directory.

As for the logo, navigate to template's directory templates/jm-baby-catalog/images and replace logo.png with yours.

See all template's features here.