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JM-Furniture template

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

JM-Furniture default version JM-Furniture purple version JM-Furniture beige version

This elegant and stylish graphic design of JM-Furniture template for sure will catch your eye. The demo site is created as an example for companies of furniture and interior branches but there aren't any code or graphic restrictions to use this template for other categories. What is more, the template is designed in 3 colour version, that you can choose the most favoured one.

As I mentioned about the template colour versions, let's see the template configuration where you can manage the template settings. Please see here the short article describing how to navigate to templates confinuration. JM-Furniture contains 2 selectors: Style Switcher and Template Color. The first one allows you to enable or disable the colour switcher on your website. If your colour switcher is disable, you have to set the default template colour, which are dark, purple or beige.

The important part of each template is its main menu. This template uses DJ-Multicolumn-Menu which is chosen here not without reason. For those, who would like to segregate their articles in category columns, this menu is ideal. The number of columns can be set by administrator. Read the detailed description of that extension here. The same menu is introduced in templates: JM-Spicy-Joe, JM-Cars01.

The another interesting extension is DJ-NewsTicker module, which is placed as a top right module "Be Up-To-Date". This simple module allows you to rotate news from selected directory. We also used this module on JM-Business02 template for "About Us" module in header area.

The third template extensions are DJ-Catalog component and its modules - ideal release for segregating and categorising displayed products. Optionally the product price can be set and displayed near the product description. See the blog version or table version of the component.

The company name can be easily replaced with yours, just navigate to your template directory and find  jm-furniture/images/logo.png file.
Of course you can use .PSD attached to the package and write your company name, then cut and upload the simillar file ( 325x75 px ).

See all template features here.