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JM-Business02 - template

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

jm-business02 jm-business02 jm-business02 jm-business02

We have recently released the new template JM-Business02.
This template is very fexible in many respects. First of all the graphic design isn't much temathic so it may be used for different companies/business without introducing any code or graphic elements modifications.
The second issue is about template's features. Most of them depend on template parameters which can be set on template's configuration. To make things clear, read this article describing where to find the configuration. The applied image is an example but refers to JM-Business02 template so we can base on it.

The default template colour is blue but optionally you can change colors between lightblue, green or maroon.
All available template colors see on demo template using template switcher (first one in left column).

The next very useful parameter is template width, which is not constant but can be easily modified by website owner.
The default template width is set on 960px, however, if you need to have your website wider ( for instance because of installed wide and advanced component ) it's no problem to change with in a very simple way without touching the template's code.

The template uses font size switcher. The default font size is 12px , lower - 11px , larger - 14px .
It can be removed from the template layout disabling it on template's configuration. The parameter below font switcher allows you to set your default template font.

JM-Business02 uses very popular extension which gives effect of dinamic content. DJ-NewsTicker module rotates news from selected category.
Read more about this module here.