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JM-Cars01 template

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

jm-cars01Our new template JM-Cars01 is ideal for car mechanics and their garages. Graphic design are in metallic colors, some of the background layers merge visible, making the effect of consistency.
"Header" position is located absolutely and also you can insert the wider picture.

If you want to make some modification in the graphic design, you will find PSD files in the source folder in a downloaded package. You will also find a PSD file for the image placed in the header position.
It will make you easier to change the image of your car and replace pictures in a directory (images/stories/modules/header.png)
The image on the right side "Moto Car" is a logo.png image located in the template directory template/images / logo.png.
The dimensions of logo.png are (in pixels 236x129).

Another interesting thing is the menu used here. As we mentioned in the previous articles this menu differs from the normal menu because you can set the links in columns with this menu.
Default styled number of columns is 1 to 5.
See other templates where this menu is applyed: JM-Spicy-Joe, JM-Web-Designer.
Read more about this menu, you'll find more in the description in the template package.

In addition, the template uses dj-catalog component that allows you to create a image gallery with their descriptions and prices. Management of that component is very easy, if you want to read more, see the documentation of the component here.