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EF4 framework is updated to 4.7 version. See what changed.

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

We are happy to announce that EF4 framework has been recently updated to 4.7 ver. The new release comes with new awesome features suggested by our customers and several improvements for already existing features. 

Take a look at some added improvements:

  • custom.css file in CSS directory will be automatically loaded if exist

Customers often do not know that custom.less file must be created at first to generate custom.css file readable by the template. That causes many questions since customers think that somehting is wrong with their purchased template. Now the template checks if the custom.css exist and then use the file created by the user which simplify the customization process.

  • Layout Builder option to set full (100%) width for each sections (blocks) in template

Depending on the template design some template areas have been able to expand to 100% screen view. Now the option is available for each template blocks (except main component section).

full width for flexi blocks

  • Font Awesome icons support

By default this this option is disabled. After enabling you may fully use awesome fonts with the template, for example to custom HTML modules.

font awesome

  • Purge Cache function to remove unnecessary or old css files

Use this button to delete merged javascript and css files from the template cache folder.

purge cache

  • Option to show Theme Customizer only for administrator or manager

When enabled you resctrict access to theme customizer to loggedin site administrator/manager. This feature allows you working on the site design when it's already online.

tc admin access

  • Error 404 custom article selection field (template need support this function)

Choose the page you want to be displayed for 404 error. The template must be updated to the latest version if you want to get this feature.

error 404 page

  • Template update notifications available in backend (can be disabled in plugin options)

You may enable notification about template updates in administrator dashboard (control panel)

ef4 notify me

Then you will get the following notification at dashboard.

JM update notification

When clicking view updates button you'll get the info:

template update notification


We believe you will find all changes useful and user friendly. Thanks for helping us improving EF4 framework. Your suggestions are always highly appreciated!

Remember to update your template!

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