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EF4 Framework changelog

Before updating remember to backup your site, then:

  • install the updated plugin

Download updated version


Update made on 06.07.2021

EF4 Framework plugin updated to ver. 4.9.6

improvements (!):

  • Prevent Chrome from translating positions' names in Layout Builder 
  • Open Graph improvement for Articles (takes meta description first if exist) 


Update made on 28.12.2020

EF4 Framework plugin updated to ver. 4.9.5

improvements (!):

  • Fixed HTML validation problem related to lazy loading (SVG)
  • Font Awesome updated to version 5.15.1
  • Instant Page script updated to version 5.1.0


Update made on 17.07.2020

EF4 Framework plugin updated to ver. 4.9.4

improvements (!):

  • little improvements related to lazy loading
  • JCE Editor by default is excluded from Java Script defer option
  • White spaces in paragraphs excluded from minification
  • Fixed warnings related to deprecated unparenthesized ternary operator on PHP 7.4


Update made on 05.06.2020

EF4 Framework plugin updated to ver. 4.9.3

improvements (!):

  • lazy loading performance improvements
  • Java Script compressor updated
  • HTML compressor updated
  • validate.js excluded from compression by default (since troubles on Joomla! 3.9.19)


Update made on 23.04.2020

EF4 Framework plugin updated to 4.9.2 ver:

improvements (!):

  • Fixed the problem with lazy-loading option when AJAX requests performed
  • Fixed the problem that DJ-Classifieds images were not lazy-loaded
  • Fixed the problem when local images were treated as external by lazy-loading function
  • Fixed the problem with unescaped quotes in lazy-loading SVG placeholders


Update made on 19.03.2020

EF4 Framework plugin updated to 4.9.1 ver:

improvements (!):

  • Fixed the problem with "Class 'JMFTemplate' not found" in modal windows


Update made on 17.03.2020

EF4 Framework plugin updated to 4.9 ver:

new features (+):

  • Added instant pages optimization option
  • Added support for native browser lazy loading feature

improvements (!):

  • Fixed the problem with Material Icons loading when Local Google Fonts option was enabled
  • Fixed the problem when Theme Customizer was loaded twice in some cases
  • Improvements related to Lazy loading optimization option


More details on our blog post.


Update made on 08.05.2019

EF4 Framework plugin updated to 4.8.5 ver:

new features (+):

  • Added a possibility to load custom.js file for custom JavaScript/jQuery scripts
  • Added a possibility to override template block files
  • Added a possibility to load Google Web Fonts as local fonts
  • Added support for FontAwesome 5 free icons

improvements (!):

  • Added missing styles for full width blocks for RTL languages
  • Set HTML5 for templates by default


Update made on 10.07.2018

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.8.3 to 4.8.4 ver:


  • Added a possibility to exclude some iframes from lazy loading


Update made on 25.04.2018

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.8.2 to 4.8.3 ver:


  • Fixed getting styleId for ThemeCustomizer settings when saving (bad request error message)


Update made on 14.12.2017

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.8.1 to 4.8.2 ver:


  • Improved styles for displaying fields in columns
  • Fixed lazy loading issues with double slash in the image paths
  • Fixed warning "Warning: strpos(): Empty needle"
  • Fixed notice "Notice: Undefined variable: tag"
  • Moved the update tab to the details tab
  • Added Russian language


Update made on 14.11.2017

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.8.0 to 4.8.1 ver:


  • Lazy loading improvements


Update made on 19.10.2017

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.7.8 to 4.8.0 ver:

  • Added new optimization option - lazy loading for images !
  • Added german language pack
  • EF4 layout design improved. Now, EF4's settings sections are devided into user-friendly and handy tabs
  • Labels descriptions are extended with more details about the specific option
  • Fixed a problem with unused EF4 menu item in the backend components menu

Remember to clear browser cache after update :)


Update made on 07.06.2017

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.7.7 to 4.7.8 ver:


  • Fixed issues with TinyMCE and CodeMirror editors on front-end when JS compression enabled in EF4 template


Update made on 29.05.2017

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.7.6 to 4.7.7 ver:


  • Improvements in Layout Builder


Update made on 09.05.2017

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.7.5 to 4.7.6 ver:


  • CSS styling improvements for the template back-end due to the changes in the core template styling in Joomla 3.7


Update made on 13.04.2017

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.7.4 to 4.7.5 ver:


  • Updated Font Awesome to 4.7.0
  • removed unnecessary file '.jshintrc'
  • CSS styles related to Theme customizer are now compressed


Update made on 30.03.2017

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.7.3 to 4.7.4 ver:


  • added compatibility with Joomla 3.7
  • updated CSS compression library (css.min.php) to the latest version. Added support for PHP7.
  • ThemeCustomizer panel improvements: new loader, login form and buttons above the accordion, accordion closed by default, additional bottom gutter to avoid issues when a sticky bar is displayed on the bottom of the page


Update made on 08.11.2016

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.7.2 to 4.7.3 ver:


  • template update could lead to override the user custom layouts. Now users' layouts and default layouts are stored in separate files.


  • added possibility to include a single block to the main layout file. Such block has a fixed position and its order cannot be changed in Layout Builder.


Update made on 20.09.2016

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.7.1 to 4.7.2 ver:


  • debug mode was missing


Update made on 19.09.2016

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.7 to 4.7.1 ver:

new features:

  • debug mode for JS and CSS optimization


  • JS and CSS merging improvements
  • template update notification shows Joomla-Monster templates only instead of showing all EF4 templates
  • template version number is refreshed automatically in Joomla system. Template update notification could show a new version available although the latest one was installed.
  • Russian language pack updated


  • Layout Builder could not save settings due to some htaccess cache rules
  • added missing styles for the full width sections in RTL mode
  • added vertical scroller for the modal of the template update notification
  • Google Font url address updated for the EF4 Framework back-end template. There could be an issue related to the unsecure protocol under HTTPS
  • few "typo" fixes
  • other minor bug fixes and improvements


Update made on 28.07.2016

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.6 to 4.7 ver:

new features:

  • custom.css file in CSS directory will be automatically loaded if exist
  • Layout Builder option to set full (100%) width for each sections (blocks) in template
  • Font Awesome icons support
  • Purge Cache function to remove unnecessary or old css files
  • French, Russian and Slovak languages added
  • Option to show Theme Customizer only for administrator or manager
  • Error 404 custom article selection field (template need support this function)
  • Template update notifications available in backend (can be disabled in plugin options)
  • File permission issue notifications in backend to help solve potential problems


  • Bootstrap LESS files cleaned from hacks for old browsers
  • Better compression and merging functions
  • Disable Component function updated
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements


Update made on 24.09.2015

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.5 to 4.6 ver:

new features:

  • added new parameter to defer loading of all scripts with option to exclude selected scripts (some scripts are excluded by default)
  • polish language added


  • improved animation when opening the ThemeCustomizer panel
  • all ThemeCustomizer scripts and stylesheets are loaded once a user clicks the ThemeCustomizer icon on the front-end
  • defer loading of the ThemeCustomizer scripts
  • some CSS adjustements for the ThemeCustomizer panel

fixed bugs:

  • JS & CSS compressor: fixed merging scripts and stylesheets containing params in the url


Update made on 17.06.2015

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.4 to 4.5 ver:

new features:

  • HTML compressor added


  • CSS/JS compression is optimized. Unneeded comments are removed from the code.
  • order of JS files in the head section is optimized if the EF4 Framework and DJ-jQuery-Monster plugin are installed and published on the same Joomla site
  • MooTools library is no more loaded by the EF4 Framework (it can be still loaded by some extensions)
  • Developer Mode is removed. CSS files are compiled automatically if the related LESS files were edited
  • some improvements related to the UI design and functionality of the template back-end, Layout Builder and Theme Customizer
  • Layout Builder: if you hide the left or right column for responsive layouts, then the content width will adjust automatically
  • Layout Builder: improved support for "chosen" script
  • it is possible to use the custom.less file to take the advantages of the LESS variables, functions and mixins. It is enough if you manually create the custom.less file inside the LESS folder in the template directory. It will be compiled and linked to the head section automatically.
    Please note: remember to move your custom styles from the custom.css file to the custom.less file if you decide to create that file otherwise you may lose your custom styles
  • support for JSN Power Admin is improved
  • some template parameters (related to the coming soon page) are moved from the template files to the EF4 Framework plugin
  • we have added some additional labels to group similar fields in the template back-end
  • we have changed the error message which appears if the EF4 Framework plugin is disabled. Now it is more detailed.

fixed bugs:

  • image uploader on the post advert page in DJ-Classifieds extension was not working properly if the JS compression was enabled
  • color inputs were not working properly on the template settings page (front-end view in Joomla) if the ThemeCustomizer was enabled
  • when using source maps for LESS files, a web inspector was not showing a correct line number for a style location
  • Google Mobile Friendly test failed when the ThemeCustomizer was enabled
  • wrong gutter size in the Bootstrap grid for RTL languages
  • we have added additional LESS styles for Bootstrap RTL to fix an issue for responsive layouts when the grid span has the pull-right class


Update made on 19.03.2015

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.3 ver. to 4.4 ver:

fixed bugs:

  • fixed: on some servers the website could be crashed if the ThemeCustomizer was enabled due to the wrong paths to the template files


  • added some CSS styles for the ThemeCustomizer panel to improve styling of inputs and selectboxes


Update made on 11.03.2015

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.2 ver. to 4.3 ver:

fixed bugs:

  • added translation for missing language constant: PLG_SYSTEM_JMFRAMEWORK_CAN_NOT_WRITE_TO_FILE


  • added a separate function to get the template style ID from Joomla. It was needed to support VirtueMart extension by ThemeCustomizer.
  • CSS files were not generated if ThemeCustomizer was enabled. Now, CSS files are generated after saving the parameters.
  • source maps were generated on each page refresh when the Developer Mode option was enabled. It could have an inluence on the server load. Now, there is a separate switch to enable/disable the source maps. Source maps are needed to preview LESS styles using developer tools.
  • CSS styles improvements for the template back-end. Added CSS styles for "chosen" script.
  • "check for updates" label changed to "check for template updates" in the template back-end


Update made on 10.02.2015

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.1 ver. to 4.2 ver:

fixed bugs:

  • wrong icons for tabs in the template parameters


Update made on 06.02.2015

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.0 ver. to 4.1 ver:

fixed bugs:

  • Theme Customizer was crashing on some servers due to stripping off the template parameters on preview and save
  • on small screens, if one sidebar was displayed, it was not on full width below the content column
  • Google font path was not displayed correctly in Theme Customizer ('+' sign was replaced by space)


  • template parameters of the Offcanvas panel are moved to the plugin. This improvement is related to the code structure and you will not see any changes on front-end or back-end.
  • some language constants and values are moved to the plugin. This improvement is related to the code structure and you will not see any changes on front-end or back-end.
  • the Template Layout tab has been removed. The parameters related to the template layout we have moved to the Layout Builder (template width, gutter size, left column width, right column width). This way you can set different values for each parameter and save them as a separate layout for the specific pages without the need to duplicate the whole template style. The rest parameters have been moved to the Basic Settings tab.


Update made on 27.11.2014

EF4 Framework plugin updated from 4.0.beta ver. to 4.0 ver:

fixed bugs:

  • in Layout Builder, if number of modules were changed in a flexiblock, then the responsive layouts were not updated properly after saving
  • it was not possible to log in to the ThemeCustomizer panel on IE browsers
  • it was not possible to use EF3 and EF4 framework on the same Joomla installation
  • in Layout Builder, the order of main columns was not displayed properly for the large and normal screen on the responsive layout tab
  • a script code which was entered into the code injection field was not displayed properly. It may have caused that some scripts were not working and the template layout was broken.
  • a script tag was displayed for the code injection field after saving an empty field
  • it may have occured that the overlay window with „Applying changes. Please wait...” text was displayed all the time when the ThemeCustomizer panel was enabled
  • CSS/JS compressor may have caused a server crash on localhost


  • some descriptions of labels were updated in the template parameters
  • tooltips behaviour improvement for Layout Builder
  • drag & drop behaviour improvement for Layout Builder
  • grid sizing of inputs improvement for fluid layout in Bootstrap
  • custom font field is removed from the Font Settings tab. The list of standard fonts is now extended and includes many web-safe fonts.
  • duplicated template CSS files were not removed from the template directory after removing the template style from the Template Manager
  • when responsive layout was disabled in the Template Parameters then modules were still taking the responsive settings from Layout Builder. Now they will take the settings from the large screen of responsive layout tab only.

new features:

  • new parameter added that allows to choose a directory for images. It can be useful if you want to create several color versions of your template with different template images.
  • Open Graph protocol added for Joomla articles. The Open Graph protocol enables a web page to become a rich object in a social graph.
  • one click update feature added for the EF4 Framework plugin. Now you can simply and quickly update the plugin from Joomla back-end.
  • new option added for a flexiblock in Layout Builder that allows to display modules proportionally divided for responsive layouts if one of the modules is missing
  • now you do not need to create a different template style to assign a different layout for other menu items. Now, all this can be done on the Layout Builder tab, where you can assign a layout to selected pages within the same template style.
  • PHP function added that allows to replace selected CSS urls from the head section with your own urls
  • new color picker added for ThemeCustomizer and template parameters
  • now it is possible to hide a block from appearing in the Layout Builder
  • if the Developer Mode is enabled you can now inspect LESS files using developer tools that allows to use CSS source maps, for example developer tools included to Firefox or Chrome browsers