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Don't cry for me IE6

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

Starting from January 2010, will no longer support InternetExplorer 6.

We do not conceal, that we announce this news with pleasure, and we agree with other developers, who believe that support for IE6 should be officially ended. This decision is made not only by developers of joomla templates. It became like a global shout or protest of a substantial number of developers - not to say all.

Perhaps you met with critical opinions about the IE6 browser.  And please believe, it's all true:)
IE6 was released in 2001 and frankly speaking, taking into consideration the latest technological and web standards, the last place of the browser list belongs to... IE6. Comparing it with other browsers, it stays in the great shadow.

So far, developers had a lot of toil to find the cause of many mistakes appearing in IE6. They were seeking lots of ways and hacks to make IE6 interpret many new implemented solutions like Safari, Firefox or other browsers offering modern standards. As a result of IE6 restrictions developers were forced to spend a long time on solving bugs, while other browsers allow create advanced projects avoiding so many problems.

Therefore, we stop checking out a compability of our templates at Internet Explorer 6 since January 2010.
All previous joomla templates and extensions of Joomla-Monster will be still compatible with IE6.
We encourage every user of IE6 to update IE6 to the newer versions.