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DJ-MediaTools on Joomla Beat Podcast.

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

DJ-MediaTools We use DJ-MediaTools Joomla 3.x and 2.5 responsive extension that allows to create slides and galleries with our templates. It's included in the template price if it's on the list of supported extensions (in the template description) or you can see it on the demo site, so our customers actually may test it for free.

This time DJ-MediaTools was tested by Joomla Beat team.
Joomla Beat Podcast releases productions for begginers and advanced users supplying with a huge list of news from Joomla world including hints and tips every week.


Listen the 13th episode with a review of our extension on their site.

For your convenience you can listen here: (starting with sec. 28.46):



You can get DJ-MediaTools extension with those templates:

Check other templates here.

On the demo site of each template looko for Extension link in the top menu to check many views of the DJ-MediaTools.

The author of the postcast used the following words to describe the DJ-MediaTools:

"This is a feature rich image gallery slide show that allows you to add an image slide show or even a video slide show to your website into an article, module or component. It is so flexible and is also responsive ready. Probably the most flexible slide show component/module/plugin I've ever seen for Joomla."