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All Joomla! 3 classifieds templates are updated to the latest DJ-Classifieds 3.4 version!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

As you already may know, the new DJ-Classifieds 3.4 version is avialable to download/buy. The updated version is improved with tons of new powerful features that customers reported as very wanted :)

Since the updated classifieds extension 3.4 version includes many additional elements all templates that uses the extension require additional css styles to adjust new items to the template style. So if you're planning updating DJ-Classifieds component do not forget to update the template as well.

If your subscription for the template expired, you may renew it with 30% discount - just login to your account, go to My Account -> My Plans and click Rewnew button. 

Some useful info:

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