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12 Apps bundle pack for DJ-Classifieds classifieds extension is now available to buy on Joomla-Monster.

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

It is a pleasure for us to introduce the bundle pack of 12 Apps for DJ-Classifieds.


12 Apps for DJ-Classifieds is a set of premium apps, which each of them has a massive impact on increasing the potential of Joomla classified ads extension.

Use premium apps to power up DJ-Classifieds extension and your website!

The 12 Apps for DJ-Classifieds - bundle pack includes:

Subscription Plans

Instead of paying for each advert separately you can offer plans that will cover the most popular needs for ads. Create an unlimited number of various plans for the website’s users. They won’t have to pay for separate adverts but can buy prepared user plans. Each plan can be assigned to a chosen user group.


Let your users add attachments to their adverts. Configure options like size, the number of ads, captions, and formats. Each attachment can be downloaded.


Generate invoices for payments in DJ-Classifieds automatically. Invoices app integrates DJ-Classifieds with Joomla That’s Invoice Manager. Each invoice can be available for users (for review and download).


It gives the possibility to assign a single advert to many categories. It means the advert is no more limited to a single category only. The website’s admin can restrict the number of categories one advert can be added to.

Personal Messaging

Enable communication between logged users. It works because of the solution provided by uddeIM.


Create an unlimited number of various coupons for the website’s users. You get a bunch of options to use. Set the name, code, count, description, assign a coupon to Joomla group and publication status.


It’s purposed to make the search and filtering ads much better. Everything goes faster and more comfortable, and your users will find it a handy feature.
Forgot about reloading for search results, filtering, ordering, pagination, and categories change.

Search Alerts

Users can save their search criteria and send them email notifications once the newly added advert meets them. Get more active users and keep them coming back to your website.

Ghost Ads

Keep the adverts even when they already deleted. They will have the same URL, and you can set whether to display 404 error or redirect link. This way you can improve the website’ SEO.

Bad Words

Filter adverts with chosen words. You can also stop the auto-publishing of the advert if the selected word appears in the title or description.
When it happens, the website administrator gets the notification, and he can publish it manually.


Users can accumulate their DJ-Classifieds points earned for various actions (posting articles, inviting users, etc.) on the website. This app provides points, medal, and rankings. This way website’s users can participate in the site!


Give your users the possibility to offer their prices. Their offers do not have to be monetary only. Each offer will be visible for the advertiser only. You can use this plugin if you want to post jobs or services.

Purchase options

You can buy the Apps bundle along with DJ-Classifieds, or you can do it SEPARATELY. The DJ-Classifieds Apps bundle is available here.

You can also add the 12 apps bundle when purchasing a single Joomla classifieds template or all Joomla templates bundle. It is one of the additional options that you can mark on the product page before adding it to the cart.

Customers who have made a purchase under the terms of the developer deal can buy the apps bundle cheaper, according to their discount level (silver, gold, diamond).

The 12 Apps for DJ-Classifieds bundle pack subscription is valid for six months. During this period, you get the full support for your registered domain, and you also get access to all updates.

Each of these applications can be purchased individually on the DJ-Extensions website. If you are interested in only selected applications, we recommend you check out other available options or buy a single DJ-Classifieds app on the DJ-Extensions website.

12 Apps bundle is the most beneficial in terms of budget and due to access to all possible applications for DJ-Classifieds at once.

We also encourage you to buy other Joomla extensions available at Joomla-Monster website.

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