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See what people ask about JM JoomAds - multipurpose listings site.

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 We keep getting questions about JM JoomAds template. Check most popular ones.


Yes, you will get quickstart package as well.

Yes, it supports Russian language.

You cannot access the administrator panel of this specific demo BUT you can test drive dj-classifides here. You can login to backend using 'test' as username and password.

There are no limitations to use any 3rd party extensions with this template, so you can use easylog or zoo.

Yes, DJ-Classifieds is included in the template price.

If you asking about a customer that submit classified item the answer is yes, the customer may upload his own images (avatars).

There is no way to purchase template only, the price would be the same. The extention is included for free with our template.

All payment plugins are available to download after purchasing the template, do NOT have to pay for them.

At this moment it is not possible to import classifieds ebay to the DJ-Classifieds component, but we will work on this. If you do not want to wait, you can order our customization service and we can do it for you much quicker. If you are interested please contact DJ-Extensions support for more details.

Yes, it is possible. You need to change the module position from the left column to the right column.

I guess you may need some time to get familiar with Joomla, but if you have some experience with CMS, in this case WordPress, it should be much easier for you.

There are no difference with dj-classifieds extension. The difference is with support and accesss to download area duration. If you buy the template with the extension you will get 1 month access and support on

We do, please read the section "PAY FOR THE TEMPLATE ONLY, GET ALSO COMMERCIAL EXTENSIONS!" in the template description.

Yes, you can choose the currency unit as well as you can select whether to display the unit on the left or right side.

You can use "country", "city" and "other" field types. You can create for example such location: North America (other field) -> USA (country field) -> New York (city field) -> Queens (other field). If a location cannot be found on the map, there is a button for geo location.

Categories and subcategories are always displayed above the blog and list. But you can display them also in a module on the left column.

Yes, it all depends on you for what business you will use this theme.