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Looking for perfect e-commerce template to create successful online store? Do not miss JM Trendy J2store!

| Andrzej Herzberg | Joomla Templates

Planning running an online store? Better choose JM Trendy J2Store.

Many people have a great shopping experience, but no sooner had contact with setting up websites. If you're one of that people, this template is just for you. Our solutions are simple and intuitive. Without much difficulty you can create a great online store.

Examples speak for themselves. Those two examples were created using one template! They look completely different. See the possibilities of our template.

Shoes and Fashion online store example

J2store best store

Home accessories exemple

best online store

Colors don’t fit to your needs? No problem, you can change them.

You can make a few clicks and a website will have completely different look. We know that different colors match to different stores industries.

adjust theme colors

Find out more about theme customizer.

Would you prefer other modules order? Arrange it just as you like.

Other modules order? More or less modules in the line? Nothing easier! Layout builder will do everything for you. Just click.

layout arrangement

Find out more about layout builder.

J2Store - complex solution for online store, customers like it.

J2store is most important component in this project. Thanks to it you can make purchases. You can create different categories of products, filters to browsed selected, producers and so on. The whole gives us a fully functional store.

J2store complex solution

Display the best-selling deals in many different ways by using advanced gallery.

Especially for this template we created a bridge between J2Store and DJ-Mediatools. Thus, you can display products in the gallery form.

dj-mediatools integration

The comprehensive menu navigation makes the website simple and intuitive. Check it out!

Intuitive navigation is very important on the website. You can create a multi-level menu, display modules inside and arrange submenu in multiple columns. All of these things you can in the backend of your site! Mega opportunities in DJ-MegaMenu!


Let users write reviews of purchased products. Satisfied customers improve the reliability of the company!

Thanks to the DJ-Reviews extension you can create the criteria of reviews, select which content can be assessed and manage all. Reviews will be displayed in a form of tasteful stars. It is a great solution, users love it!

reviews and ratings

You may ask

Is it static content?


It is not a static content!  All these elements are fully changeable. You don’t need to know the source code. Everything you can do in the backend of your site. You can change the images, titles, pricing, all visible content and match them to suit your needs.


Wow! This is Glyphicon! You can choose the icon you want to!


It is not a static content! Using custom HTML select your own banner titles and link your site to social media, or completely different set up the module. We give you the freedom to modify.


It is not a static content! Do you want to change icons, titles and perhaps the number of blocks? Nothing easier! Go to the appropriate module in the backend of the site and change it in a few minutes!

We offer functional and modern template: easy to manage and easy to use. You will get the demo site and doesn't get lost in the variety of options. This is a good solution for beginners. If you are planning to set up a simple online shop, this template is just for you!

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