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3 types of animal websites that you may build with this Joomla template.

| Andrzej Herzberg | Joomla Templates

Looking for pets and animal website templates? What is the primary purpose of this template? Would you like to like to build a website for dog breeders or animals shelter or pets for sale classifieds ads website? Keep reading to find the best solution to build the animal-related website.

As you can see on the demo site of this awesome Joomla animal template, we’ve prepared three different versions. According to the theme’s subject, each example is focused on animals.


Pets for sale - classifieds ads animal website

Classifieds ads animals website template for Joomla

This is an example of a typically advertised portal, except that here we focus on animals.It is the demo for a website containing ads only about selling and buying animals and animal accessories. The classifieds ads animal website contains elements that are indispensable for classified ads pages, and all features are available thanks to the DJ-Classifieds extension implemented here. You can easily switch between items like pets for sale, products, breeders. Check below - there presented featured offers. Of course, there is a possibility of registration for users - in this case for breeders who will want to show off their pets for sale.

A website for animals breeders

Animal breeder website template for Joomla

Animal breeder website is the example dedicated exclusively to everyone who is looking for website templates for dog breeders. Of course, you may build any pets website with this awesome Joomla animal template. The first thing that comes to mind and has been especially highlighted on the site (because it is essential) is the "about us" information containing the content and badges showing the achievements and awards. Another important element on for example dog breeder website template is the animals gallery. It can present photos of the most beautiful animals, studs, and females, distinguished medalists or puppies. The website needs an extra place for a contact info. In this case, we’ve prepared a place for a rich description, including icons leading to social channels and a map to help find a headquarters.

A website for animals shelter

Animal shelter website template for Joomla

Animal shelter website template example includes all elements needed for a successful and modern shelter website. The most important feature used here is the module allowing site’s visitors to donate (single or monthly). Another interesting thing is a group of boxes, showing statistics with the number of adopted dogs, carried out campaigns and more. If you want to present the list of employers or sponsors along with their photos, it’s simple - another advantage of this pet Joomla template. As you can see on the front page, we’ve included eye-catching boxes (rescue campaign, become a volunteer, adopt the dog) linked to thematic articles.

What more about Joomla animal template?

For what kind of animals can be used this template? The answer is, for all!
Please note that the demo page site we propose is just an example of using the theme, our imagery, and we do not suggest anything in this way. We want to show the enormous possibilities. They are possible thanks to the extensive features offered by JM Animals. Some of them are:

  • custom fields (powerful features that can be used in your way),
  • advanced search module (allowing users to find an ad they are looking for),
  • HTML modules (prepared with donation systems in mind),
  • many earning options (available with DJ-Classifieds component),
  • and much more functionalities provided along with the Joomla ads component


This pet Joomla template is not limited in any way. It means that thanks to its multifunctional nature you can easily adapt it to your purposes. Customers using other Joomla classified ads templates from our collection are often creating websites not related to the main subject of the template proposed by us (as in demo example). So, for example, instead of creating a dog breeder portal you can use this classifieds Joomla theme to sell cars or clothes. It does not even have to be a classified ads website - it all depends on you and only.

What do you think about possibilities that we offer with this animal website template? Do you like it or not? Let us know, please rate and leave a comment. Thanks!

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