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Top 10 Best selling Joomla templates in the first half of the year 2017.

| Andrzej Herzberg | Joomla Templates

Joomla-Monster offers a great variety of Joomla templates for almost any category. Every Joomla theme released by Joomla-Monster is well documented, easy to install, responsive, SEO friendly and based on powerful EF4 Framework. Using the framework allows you to customize each template easily without any coding skills.

All of them are designed according to the latest web design trends. But they not only look good - each template is packed with many useful features and amazing Joomla extensions! Very often the variety of ready-made Joomla themes available makes it hard to find a perfect match for your business project. To make your choice easier, we have chosen top 10 best selling Joomla templates of the first half of the year 2017. So have a look at them and just choose the one that suits you the best.

JM JoomAdvertising classifieds Joomla template

It’s a responsive Joomla template, that was created for online classifieds portal or the auction website in mind. You do not have to be an experienced web user to use the possibilities of this fantastic Joomla template - you can build a classifieds site without the need to create web pages from scratch.This classifieds theme is multipurpose - job ads portal, real estates listings, cars listings, date portal - that everything is easy to build! The classifieds component implemented here comes with amazing features like the possibility to make paid ads, auctions, advanced search module or extra fields.

JM JoomAdvertising is packed with many powerful extensions:

JM University Joomla template for a school website

Meet a professional Joomla template tailored for schools, universities and all kind of education sites. It was designed to help you present or display school activities. JM University uses two important Joomla extensions:

  • DJ-Tabs - content tabs, perfect for display school departments in tabs
  • DJ-MediaTools - popular gallery component, perfect to show slides and set them as you want

JM JoomAds Joomla template from classifieds category

Template's demo versions, all versions are delivered

Another popular Joomla template from classifieds category. But it’s also another template that will help you simply create your classified ads portal. It comes with a light design, and the template’s layout was arranged to accent the content as the most important part of the website - that need to hit your website’s visitors! 

The advertisement responsive Joomla template offers an interesting demo version where you can get familiar with different elements like module suffixes, template’s layout, module positions, and much more!

All Joomla templates and extensions bundle

all joomla template bundle

This a trendy choice for many web developers or customers who want to get all Joomla template in one bundle. Buying all products in a bundle causes a reduced price more than 90% That is not everything - purchasing this package you’ll get a 12 months subscription for Pro Joomla extensions, and during its duration, you will get more coming templates as well.

JM JoomClassifieds website template

Template's demo versions, all versions are delivered

The classifieds Joomla template supported by the DJ-Classifieds extension - world’s leading tool in building ads portal. Using this theme, you can easily create a real estate, cars, job or any ads portal - you can be sure that this template will meet your requirements. 

DJ-Classifieds brings many helpful features - for example, you can create custom fields suitable for each category, configure custom search options, or make a paid ads.Another useful extension implemented here is Joomla slideshow and gallery tool called DJ-MediaTools - it can display classifieds items in albums! 

JM Commune Offices WCAG 2.0 ready theme

 It’s a very popular template because it meets WCAG 2.0 requirements and follows recommendations for making accessible websites. JM Commune Offices is purposed for all types of public institutions websites.
Please check the demo site, where you can that this template offers an attractive, modern and clean design. As you can find on the demo example - it gives you the possibility to show a development plans or city portal news presentation. Joomla extensions used here are:

  • DJ-ImageSlider - component for creating slides
  • DJ-EasyContact - simple contact form
  • DJ-MegaMenu - complex menu system

JM ClassifiedAds online listings ads directory for Joomla

This is a responsive Joomla template with a clean graphic design, that is just a perfect solution for your online listings ads directory - job listings, real estate listings, car listings or any other type of ads you want. The template is supported by DJ-Classifieds -  classified ads extension that provides a base for creating the professional Joomla classified site. Another Joomla tool used here is  DJ-MediaTools - slider and gallery extension.

JM ClassifiedAds comes with a lot of features, suitable for an outstanding classifieds portal.

JM Product Catalog fully functional product directory template for Joomla

 A modern Joomla template designed to help you build a fully functional directory site. The main advantage of this theme is the fact that it’s based on DJ-Catalog2 Joomla catalog extension. DJ-Catalog2 is a Joomla component, purposed for a spectacular online products presentation.  This extension is full of usable features like custom fields, search filter or a query cart, that will play a key role in your professional directory listings site. It does not matter whether you want to present electronics, apps software, mobiles, cars or furniture - this template is multipurpose and can be easily customized as you wish.

JM Job Listings template for Joomla

It’s a modern Joomla template created for a professional job listings website. This template is based on DJ-Classifieds Joomla extension, purposed to help Joomla users creating a powerful ads portal. The implementation of DJ-Classifieds allows users to post their job offers and people looking for a job can apply for it. Running a job portal is also a great idea for earning money - with DJ-Classifieds it’s possible (paid categories, paid promotions and more)!
Besides DJ-Classifieds there are two more extensions implemented here: DJ-MediaTools (slides and gallery extension) and DJ-Tabs (content tabs).Because of this Joomla template neutral nature, it can be used for any other purposes.

JM Simple business template for Joomla

Using this template, you can boost your business to a higher level! This Joomla business template is a perfect solution for creating modern websites. The powerful, multipurpose and responsive template brings everything that required from a professional site from categories like finance, marketing, technology, corporate, business, agency. As you can on the demo site, there are different versions of the home page available: for a business site, marketing agency and pro hosting company. So, using this clean theme allows you to create unique style website of your purpose.

JM Simple is packed with great Joomla extensions, very handy for a business website: DJ-ImageSlider - slider extension, DJ-EasyContact - contact form module, DJ-MegaMenu - menu solution. Another important thing is that JM Simple follows the recommendations of WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 - it means that this template can be a good choice for public institutions that need have an accessible website.