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How to add custom JS scripts to Joomla template based on EF4 Framework?

To make our templates even easier to modify, we've added the ability to include your own JS scripts. Learn more how to do this.

How to add custom JS to a Joomla template?

Joomla templates usually contain many scripts, but adding your own may not be an easy task. Usually, to add your custom JS you need to load the file in the template index or layout file. The problem is that such changes can be overwritten when the template is updated.

Custom.js file for your own JS scripts

To have complete control over your own JS scripts, our Joomla templates based on EF4 Framework let you create a custom file called custom.js where you can put all your JS scripts.

Where to keep the custom.js file?

This file does not exist in the template by default, so you need to create it manually in the following location:


Our EF4 Framework will automatically detect this file after refreshing the page and it will be added to the head section of the template after other JS scripts.