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Joomla extensions tutorials

Use DJ-Flyer to display your company services.

Today I'm going to describe in short steps the procedure of adding items in DJ-Flyer component. 
We use this simple and easy to use extension with several our templates to display company services, I will use JM Beauty Center template as an example.


Step 1: Adjust component settings

Go to Backend -> Components -> DJ-Flyer -> Options. 
We can set several parameters here e.g size of images in DJ-Flyer modules.




Step 2: Add categories

Go to Backend -> Components -> DJ-Flyer -> Categories.

On JM Beauty Center demo site we've got 2 categories.
Let's add 3rd category - Lorem ipsum.
Click New and just enter the category name.



Step 3: Add items

Once we have the categories, we can add items.
Go to Backend -> Components -> DJ-Flyer -> Items.

Click New button to create new item.





  1. Enter an item name.
  2. Select a category you want to place the item.
  3. Enter text for the tooltip (it will be visible when on mouse hover on the item).
  4. Enter intro description.
  5. Select the article - we can set Joomla article which will be linked below regular description as readmore (optional)
  6. Enter the full description of item.
  7. Upload thumbnail image.
  8. Upload the large image visible in the full description area.

This is how it reflects on the site:


Step 4: Display the module with already created items

Once we categories and items are added, the only what we need to do now is publishing DJ-Flyer module.

Go to Backend -> Extensions -> Module Manager.
Click New button, then choose DJ-Flyer module from the module list. 




  1. Select category from which you like to display items.
  2. Choose number of displayed items.
  3. Set width proportion for items column and description (only if position of description left/right).
  4. Select available module layout.

To check examples of DJ-Fler views on JM Beauty Center demo site navigate the top menu, Extensions -> DJ-Flyer