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Errors after updating DJ-Catalog2 to ver. 3.2.4

After updating DJ-Catalog2 to ver. 3.2.4 you may encounter problems with some issues on your site: javascript conflict, contact form may not work properly, tab & accordion may be crashed.
There are solutions to fix problems by yourself. 

1) JavaScript issue

Remove the "js" folder from the theme directory: 


2) Tab & Accordion

New version of the DJ-Catalog2 component is compatibile with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0 as well.
It contains a new code and CSS classes for the tabs and the accordion pagebreak.
After updating the component you may need to change selectors names to get the same look as before.

Edit the theme.css file which is located in:

and replace the following selectors:

a) Tabs

div.djc_ultab -> .djc_tabs .nav-tabs
div.djc_divtab -> .djc_tabs .tab-content
span.djc_litab -> .djc_tabs .nav-tabs > li
span.djc_litab:hover -> .djc_tabs .nav-tabs > li:hover
span.djc_litab_active:hover -> .djc_tabs .nav-tabs >
span.djc_litab_active -> .djc_tabs .nav-tabs >

b) Accordion

h3.djc_h3acc -> .accordion-heading a
h3.djc_h3acc:hover -> .accordion-heading a:hover
h3.djc_h3acc.djc_h3acc_active -> .accordion-heading


We are going to update templates that supports DJ-Catalog2 component, so if you have valid subscription plan you will be able to download fixed files.