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JD PopX - The Best Joomla Popup and Lead Generation Extension.

| Andrzej Herzberg | Web Development

Even if all of my search rankings disappeared tomorrow I’d still be able to promote my blog to tens of thousands of people via email. - Ramsay Taplin Founder of The Blog Tyrant

Ramsay just explained the beauty of collecting emails in just a single line. Because you can't be dependent on anyone to run for long. You should have your own strength and strategies. Let’s assume, today you are ranking for 500 keywords on Google and you are getting a good amount of sales daily. But today midnight, Google update its search algorithm and your search ranking got vanished.

Can you survive now?

I am sure, you can’t. Because you were dependent on only organic traffic. But if you will have the email list, you can still promote your products and generate sales.

Start building your email list from today. But it is also not a cup of cake. So you need to make some extra efforts to get an email address from your visitors.

How can you get emails from your visitors?

If I will ask you to give me your email ID, will you submit your email ID without any reason? I am sure you will not submit your email ID until I gave you a perfect reason to enter your email. You have to provide something out of the box or premium stuff to your audience in the exchange of email.

And if I will tell you that get our subscribe to our mailing list and get Joomla templates bundle at more than 90% discount. I am sure, you will submit your email ID without any second thought.

Here are the few reasons your audience will submit their email ID to you.

  • Trigger creative and attractive Popups.
  • Look at your content
  • Offer them some valuable stuff
  • Start Giveaways or contests
  • Offer them premium download directly to their inbox and might be some more offers.

These are the ways you can use to play with your audience and grab their email IDs and grow your email list.

How can JD PopX help you to grow your email list?

JD PopX is a leading Free Joomla! Popup opt-ins and lead generation extension which enables you to trigger beautiful popup opt-ins. These creative opt-in are capable to capture email ID from your audience.

It's easy to use integration make it out of the box Joomla! Extension from other available. Let's dive into its features.

ACYMailing Integration

JD PopX comes with ACYMailing Integration. ACYMailing is Free email marketing solution which helps you to send newsletters. You can connect JD PopX with ACYMailing and grow your list fast.
We are also working on another email marketing solution like MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, and ConvertKit. Soon you will be able to use any service with JD PopX.

Fully Responsive Opt-ins

It is true that popup irritates users if they are trigger inappropriately. Most important is mobile responsive layouts of the popups. If popup optin trigger in a perfect way on the screen then a user will be happy to provide his details but if opt-ins are not responsive they will directly exit from your website.

JD PopX comes with fully responsive opt-ins templates which adjust themselves according to the screen sizes automatically. So your users will not get irritated and they will happily provide their details.

4 Opt-in Types

4 Opt in Types

JD PopX comes with 4 Opt-in types that let you choose the best as per your needs. You can pick any type which suits your website. Here is the list of all 4 types of opt-ins.

  1. Full-Screen Opt-in – It will trigger a full-screen popup.
  2. Small Sidebar Opt-in – It will trigger a small popup on the sidebar of your website. You can set the sidebar position at left or right and popup alignment top, center and bottom. And it will display according to your configurations.
  3. Bar Opt-ins – This style will trigger Bar Popup on your website. You can set bar position on top of the website or at the bottom of the website.
  4. Lightbox Opt-in – It will trigger a small popup in the middle of the screen.

Easy to Customize

Easy to Customize

When you use an online application, it is important to be easy to use. JD PopX comes with easy to use interface. It makes it easy to customize the template appearance and display settings.

Appealing design templates

JD PopX comes with 8 default opt-in templates. There are total 4 opt-in styles and each opt-in have 2 templates. You can select any one template from any opt-in type. All the templates are attractive yet creative which encourage your audience to leave their email for you. You can easily change the text, images, or color combination according to your requirements.

Multiple entry effects

When something popup in front of you with an attractive effect, you got attract toward this, doesn't matter what are you doing. It's a human nature and you can't control it. In JD PopX we have embedded amazing popup entry effects. These will help you to enhance the beauty of your website.

At last, if you want tob uild your own audience, it is important to build your own email list. And to make people enter their details on your website, you need attractive Opt-ins. And JD PopX is the best solution to trigger creative yet attractive opt-ins.