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Wednesday special offer April 2nd

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

Three templates 30% off untill next Wednesday. Read more about them. 

Best magazine Joomla template


Joomla 2.5 and 3.x responsive, fresh looking template suitable for many topics like news sites, blogs, news magazines, local news, art and design or even celebrity gossips.

This template is based on EF3 framework. One of many features of this framework is the possibility to setup font settings for body text, module headings, 1st level menu items and article headings. You can change font-family (google web fonts, predefined fonts from the list, enter custom font) and size.

TIP: How to use Google Web Fonts in a template.

To make navigation easy you can use included DJ-MegaMenu in the left or right column and on the top of the page. With this great extension you can create multicolumn menu putting any module inside submenu columns.

DJ-MediaTools used in this modern Joomla template has 8 built-in views. This gives you ability to display photos in attractive way. With 'DJ-MediaTools Album' button in the editor you can even place and create new albums while editing an article. Use this extension to make picture galleries easier than ever before!

NOTE: DJ-MediaTools and DJ-MegaMenu are included for FREE with this template.

Copy of demo site - quickstart is included in the package. You can use it as a base and edit content or it can be used as a manual.

TIP: Use the quickstart package as a manual.

DownloadLive demo  

fashion classifieds Joomla template


Great Joomla template for all sites related with fashion but not only. This template uses DJ-Classifieds extension. It's a powerfull classified ads platform but it can be also used as a directory of clothing shops, tailoring services or other businesses.

DJ-MediaTools will be prefect to display items from DJ-Classifieds or photos from galleries.

Both, DJ-Classifieds and DJ-MediaTools are included for FREE with this template.

JM-Fashion-Trends uses EF3 Framework. Some of its great features are advanced layout settings like template widths, columns width or scheme variations.

DownloadLive demo  

car classifieds Joomla template


Excellent, elegant Joomla template for any site related with car market. If you need site for car seller, car rental company, parts producer or car passionate this template is for you.
It includes two commercial extensions:

  • DJ-Classifieds - classified advertisements system useful on site with paid ads
  • DJ-Catalog - great component for products catalogue. In this extension you can create your own extra fields which can be used in search and filter module. Use it to present cars, parts, services or companies.

Note: DJ-Classifieds and DJ-Catalog are included for free.

DownloadLive demo