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Visit J&Beyond site and nominate EF4 Framework!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

J and Beyond 2016 is the International Joomla! Conference held in Barcelona May 20-22nd 2016 - it's the fantastic event of whole Joomla community. Joomla-Monster is one of the sponsors of J and Beyond 2016 and we ask you to vote on our products!

The highlight event of J and Beyond. are "The Joomla! Open Source Creative and Artistic Recognition Awards" called JOSCARS. We encourage all our users to visit the J and Beyond website and nominate the EF4 Framework and your favourite Joomla extensions from DJ-Extensions.

You can nominate Joomla-Monster for Joomla Template systems category by submitting EF4 Joomla Framework in the nomianation form.

And DJ-Extensions in following categories:

Commercial Joomla Add-ons

Free Joomla Add-ons

  • DJ-ImageSlider

Nominations are open to the entire Joomla! Community. Thank you very much in advance! Please wish us luck! 
For more information visit