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DJ-Catalog2 component updated to version 4.1.0

Get ready for a huge update as DJ-Catalog2 takes the stage with its latest and greatest version - 4.1.0! We've been hard at work to bring you a masterpiece of upgrades that will leave you in awe.

We've not only introduced an array of cutting-edge features, but we've also fine-tuned the entire experience with a multitude of enhancements and fixes.

Absolutely, the fresh and exceptionally convenient features will surely leave you in a whirlwind of joy!

The new and rebuild features

Reconstruction of the product combinations system in the backend

Product combinations have been removed from the product card to separate views. It allows you to relieve the systems of those users who use a very large number of combinations in their stores.

Possibility to link the currency to the website's language

Another change that is a great convenience is linking the selected currency with the website language.

If someone use multi-currencies on the website, selected languages ​​can be associated with currencies. When a website user changes the website language, prices will be displayed in the currency assigned to that language.

Possibility to create an extra media or html field for the product

We have added new field types for selection: HTML and Media. New types of extra fields can be used, for example, for product descriptions and presented in an attractive way on the product card.

New admin menu added

We have made changes to the component panel. The sidebar has been moved to the Joomla menu. Items are now grouped by feature.

Implemented support for the Omnibus Directive

Modifying product prices using the pricing rule system saves the promoted price in the database. This makes it possible to display the average price from the last 30 days in accordance with the Omnibus directive.

Watch the video presentation of ver. 4.1.0

We have prepared a video that describes the latest changes to the DJ-Catalog2 component. We encourage you to watch!

The changelog

Please take a look at the complete list of implemented changes:

  • (+) Possibility to associate a currency with the current language on the site
  • (+) Possibility to create an additional field of media or html type for the product
  • (+) Add joomla DJ-Catalog2 Admin Menu
  • (+) Add joomla DJ-Catalog2 QuickIcon
  • (+) Implemented support for the Omnibus Directive (“Enforcement and Modernisation Directive")
  • (!) Fixed issue with watermark generating
  • (!) Refactored the combination system from the back end
  • (!) Upgraded DJ-Catalog2 code to php 8.x
  • (!) Fixed issue with DJ-Catalog2 Standard payment method
  • (!) Refactored the global settings of DJ-Catalog2
  • (!) Removed Joomla 3 sidebar from administrator views
  • (!) Refactored the combination system from the back end
  • (!) Fixed issue with batching of products, categories and additional product fields
  • (!) Fixed issue with creating DJ-Catalog2 profile during Registration
  • (!) Fixed issue with displaying Extra Fields without ap-played language filter on backend

The content of the blog post comes from the DJ-Extensions website:  [UPDATE] DJ-Catalog2 4.1.0 with a bunch of new, useful features!

Want to know more?

Active extension subscribers can download the latest version from the Download section and update their installation.