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The second part of 3 Joomla 3 templates + DJ-Classifieds 3.3.1 already released!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

We've just released the second part of updated classifieds templates for Joomla 3 with DJ-Classifieds themes.

As we informed here, the new classifieds version includes many improvements that's why if you want to use the new component version then template update with additional css styling is needed.  

There are many new features added to DJ-Classifieds 3.3.1 version, for example:

  • sell products on auctions
  • add watermarks to all images
  • charge users for uploading additional images
  • add age-restricted categories
  • use new themes - responsive table and smart table

If you would like to renew the subscription for your template you can do it with 40% discount.
Contact us here to get the coupon code.

 news portal classifieds

JM News Portal

DownloadLive demo  


 real estate classifieds

DJ Real Estate02

DownloadLive demo  


car classifieds

DJ Car Company

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