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Testimonials FREE Joomla module is updated! Check what changed!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

If you use JM Testimonials free Joomla module on your website then check modifications done in the last two versions.  All 3 new features have been suggested by our customers (thank you!) and we found it great for the module improvement.

What's new in JM Testimonials free Joomla module ver. 1.07?

testimonials free Joomla module

The first two features you will find while submitting/editing the item. Now you may upload an image (1) that will be related to the specific item and an avatar will appear above the reference content. Besides, you may add subtitle to each testimonial's author (2) and submit for example the author profession or level in the company hierarchy.

testimonials boostrap

The above parameters will be useful for customers who use Joomla templates without bootstrap JavaScript and CSS. 

Moreover, we've fixed the conflict with Mootools library.