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Take a look at our new selector of template demo websites!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

We have recently refreshed the selector of demo websites of all our templates.
The new way of displaying our offers is much clear now and what is more, templates are marked with specific icons that give you useful information about the extensions, that the particular template uses. It makes searching much easier if you look for the demo site, where the particular extension is implemented. If there is no extension icon, it means that there are no additional extensions provided with a purchased package.

1. All available extensions can be found here -> , as you see their icons relates to icons used in our selector.

2. There are a few missing extensions, that are the past versions of the existing ones:

dj-menu - css drop down-> the past version of dj-menu ( with css drop down ) ; download here
dj-multicolumnmenu-> the past version of dj-multicolumnmenu ( with css drop down ) ; download here
dj-newsticker-> the simple article rotator, dj-newsticker; download here

3. Other icons that are displayed near the template name bring the following in formation:

free-> the template is free, you can download it for free

new-> the template is released recently

hot-> the template is often choosed by our customers, so it's the kind of recommendation :)

30d -> the template is available to buy with 30% off

morecolours -> the template includes more template colour versions

4. Moreover, we also present a few selected promotions that are currently available in our store.

Hope you enjoy it!