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Pricing changes on Joomla-Monster.

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

We have the important message for our customers. Soon, (probably next week) we are going to change the pricing rules on Joomla-Monster store. The rates will be flattened between DJ-Extensions and Joomla-Monster.

How will new prices look like?

New prices will include the extensions bundle price + Joomla template cost. Here you may check the Joomla extensions bundle prices.

Prices will be higher. Why?

We are selling thematic ready-made website templates rather than simple Joomla templates. Most of our products in association with add-ons are ready-made solutions to launch a website quickly.

For example, classifieds Joomla templates without DJ-Classifieds extension would be useless. The same scenario is for Joomla templates that use DJ-Catalog2 or other our Joomla extensions. What is more, such website templates include even more other additional extensions like DJ-MegeMenu or DJ-MediaTools which are available to buy separately on website.

The real value of products we're selling are complete website solutions.

We need to be fair to the DJ-Extensions's customers who do not understand why Joomla-Monster offers the same for a smaller price. No, it's not the same. It's even better offer because Joomla template and quickstarts are included - in many cases we provide more than one quickstart versions.

Easier order management 

    • all in one place
    • no more vouchers on extensions
    • license keys in one place
    • subscription renewing in one place

For more consistency between our websites, we've decided to merge and a little bit further. 100% vouchers on extensions will be no longer needed on your subscriptions account. Using vouchers will be no longer confusing, and you save time because switching between accounts will not be necessary.

Now, after purchasing a Joomla template license on Joomla-Monster, you will get the access to download extensions on your account on Joomla-Monster and get licenses keys too in the same place.
You may also renew a subscription to your product anytime and get all files at one place.

Live chat launched

We've launched a live chat available from 8:00 to 16:00 UTC+2. Contact us if you struggle with any template or extension settings, we will be happy to guide you. If you issue requires a closer look we encourage to leave us a ticket with your website URL, access to backend and issue details.

Are there any other hidden changes?

No. Other rules stay the same. All deals available on Joomla-Monster website and subscription rules do not change.

Possibility to purchase the Joomla template without extensions

We are going to give the possibility to purchase the Joomla template only, without all extensions included. The option will be available soon. However, if you require buying the access to the template package only, contact us.