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Plans for selling extensions of brand.

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

As you already know and represent the same company and selling Joomla templates on Joomla-Monster and Joomla extensions on DJ-Extensions.

Joomla extensions used together with each separate Joomla template are included in the package of the website template's single site license. And this is the standard at Joomla-Monster store, customers may download commercial extensions related to the purchased product without re-logging to Licenses keys for commercial extensions are also available to copy at the subscription lists at customers' account.

Now we want to go further and extend the Joomla-Monster collection with commercial Joomla extensions from We are going to add all Joomla extensions created by dj-extension brand on Joomla-Monster store to give the possibility to buy them here. 

Prices will be the flatten, however, Joomla-Monster's customers who benefit from the deal for developers may buy extensions using their discount levels!

We started with the first product and now you may buy DJ-Messages private messaging system for Joomla

DJ-Messages private messaging system for Joomla

All other commercial Joomla extensions will appear soon.