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Offers App for DJ-Classifieds 3.7.9 update

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

Offers App for DJ-Classifieds was updated. The latest version brings one new feature and two fixes.

Offers App extends the functionality of DJ-Classifieds by giving the users the possibility of offering their own prices for an item. It's not the same as auctions. Offers don't have to be monetary. There's a simple form when a user can write his offer (for example 100 USD and an iPhone). Only the advertiser can see received offers. This is one of the twelve applications for DJ-Classifieds.

Offers App is a part of the 12 Apps for DJ-Classifieds bundle -  a set of premium apps, which each of them has a massive impact on increasing the potential of Joomla classified ads extension. Use premium apps to power up DJ-Classifieds extension and your website!

Use the 'Price' feature

You can now decide whether the user proposal should include the price or not. We have added the "Use 'Price'" parameter for this purpose. Previously, it was required to fill in a field with the price.

Now the administrator can decide if buyers have to provide also the price to their offerings. This setting can be useful for example when the website is oriented only on the exchange of goods or services.

offers 379 app new feature

Besides the new feature, two bug fixes were made. Learn more from the changelog.

The content of the blog post comes from the DJ-Extensions website: Offers App for DJ-Classifieds updated to 3.7.9 version

Active subscribers of the 12 Apps bundle can download the package with the updated apps.

You can also add the 12 apps bundle when purchasing a single Joomla classifieds template or all Joomla templates bundle. It is one of the additional options that you can mark on the product page before adding it to the cart.

Each of these applications can be purchased individually on the DJ-Extensions website. If you are interested in only selected applications, we recommend you check out other available options or buy a single DJ-Classifieds app on the DJ-Extensions website.

JM MyOffers Joomla template update

We have also updated the JM MyOffers Joomla classifieds template. It comes with some new features, bug fixes, and the new version of Joomla and extensions. Now the Offers App for DJ-Classifieds comes free with MyOffers template! You will also find it installed and configured in the Quickstart package. More information here: Update JM MyOffers classifieds Joomla template

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