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JM-Wedding05 template for Joomla 1.6 just released!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

The new wedding template for joomla 1.6 has just been released. The elegant and stylish  JM-Wedding05 template will catch your eye for sure.
Due to its graphic design and clear css code, the template is very simple to customize provided that you have at least a basic knowledge of css and html code :)
Byt the way, I strongly encourage all of you to use firebug for firefox to make your work with the code easier -> Check that great tool out ->
Here you can check what's the purchasesed package includes.

I also suggest installing our demo copy on your server to have the basis to work on the project.
All you have to do is just installing Quickstart instead of standard joomla. Read the full article here.

The demo website of JM-Wedding05 template includes styles for 2 of our extensions, which are DJ-Menu module and DJ-ImageSlider component and module.
Visit the following website to learn more about our extensions ->