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JM Real Estate Ads - new template for selling or renting property!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

JM Real Estate Ads is our recent release for classifieds & advertisement Joomla templates stock. The demo site of this template presents for sale listings added by owner or agent as well as foreclosures, new constructions and rentals. Note that this is the example only, if you need to add more search criteria you will be able to do it with ease since the flexibility of DJ-Classifieds extension gives you the wide range of configuration settings that makes it complex to build the professional classifieds site.

 Let's take a tour and focus on some valuable parts of the demo site.


We've placed here the google map from selected area with several listings. The module allows to configure many parametres such as entering the default address, start zoom or ordering by most recent ads, take a look at all of them:


If you don't want to display google map on the front page simply replace it with any other content, stating image or disable it.


Classifieds search views

Pay your attention to search module views, you may display it in horizontal or verical orientation.

Front end

Usually on simillar classifieds sites there's placed a search input at the front end to give site visitors the immediate possibility to look for property. 

 clasifieds search front


  1. The customer may quickly choose what he is looking for.  We've got 2 main categories, for sale and for rent if you create more main categories they would appear in the selector.
  2. Shorten the searching process as much as it's possible, allow user to filter search results

After clicking advanced search link the user will see all search criteria created by administrator. Note that this is the example only, DJ-Classifieds allows to create custom fileds and use them as search filters so you will be able to add as many fileds as you need wihtout difficulties.


clasifieds advanced search front


Horizontal and Vertical serach direction

Navigate For Sale and For Rent on the demo site and discover 2 views of search appearance and choose the one you like most.

serach module vertical


serach module horizontal


Adsense or custom banner

Probably you know that using the template module positions you may add various banners but there's another fantastic feature that is most recommended. There are several places on blog view, table view, classified item view or every view where you can place banners with google adsense advertisements or custom - the power of this way that you can place different banners on various categories or items!

Read the detailed tutorial how to place a banner into DJ-Classifieds.


banner adsense


Added by agent or owner?

Much-desired feature on real estate classifieds sites - who you need to contact to ask about the item?

We've created 2 groups of users: owner and agent. Each real estate listing includes Created by filed:




If you click on the agent name then agnet details will appear. All those fileds are examples only, you can create your own.


agent details


The great thing about it is that you can add Added by filter to the search module:


added by search


Classifieds gallery

It's worth to mention that DJ-MediaTools - the Joomla gallery solution works seamlessly with DJ-Classifieds displaying ads in 8 available ways!

At first check few examples of home galleries:


home galleries

Then check more views here


Live demoCheck more details