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JM Modern HikaShop - updated to ver. 2.3.2 .

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

JM Modern HikaShop has been updated.

It's not the urgent update and probbaly if you already work on your site with this template you would NOT need to make SQL changes that we've done to the demo site - quickstart. 
The one thing you need to update it's the template or override 2 files listed here.

However I would like to explain why and what was modified.

The demo site of this template includes the free version of HikaShop component but while we've been coding this template we used the pro version because all components parts need to be adjusted to the template style - just in case our customers would need to use business HikaShop version.

There are many functionalities in the business version that are not included to the free version, for example custom fields for products. This was the issue. After downgrading to the free version custom fields stayed in the database.

Customers who were creating products from scratch did not notic that problem but if you had modified the already existing products then custom fileds were visible in the specifiaction tab in the product description and there was no way to delete them.

That's why it's not the urgent update, we've done it to not confuse customers.

See change log here.