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JM Minima - minimalist and clean template is converted for EF4 framework! Download update now!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

Finally JM Minima - perfect Joomla template for creating product directory is converted to EF4 framework. Now you may configure much more, adjust the template to your needs thanks to powerful features of EF4 Framework!

It's valuable info for all customers using JM Minima template or the ones who could like to buy it :)  There's a new upgraded template version based on EF4 framework. What are the benefits? Take a look at few of them:

  • Possibility of using off canvas panel.
  • Customize independently layout for desktop, tablet and mobile and thus the greater opportunities of responsiveness.

  • You can assign layouts to menu item, which provides almost unlimited ability to quickly adapt the layout on the page.
  • Colors and fonts- adjustment has never been so easy: the ability to use of any webfont and set colors to fit your needs. What's most important, all of these changes you can make in back-end of website.
  • Front-end improvements. Sometimes it's hard to choose suitable styles and couldn't see effect on live site. In accordance with this principle, we applied solutions, which allow you to choose and save the styles straight from the front-end of site.
  • Changes in advanced settings: possibility of enable/ disable compressors and Facebook Opengraph
  • Update installation in Joomla back-end
  • and many more, check EF4 features

There are just a few of the improvements that will provide a new JM Minima template.
See as soon as possible an amazing blend of minimalist design and modern framework!


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