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JM-Intranet-Corporation for Joomla 1.7 already released!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

JM-Intranet-CorporationJM-Intranet-Corporation - the new template for Joomla 1.7 has been already released.
The template is especially addressed for companies or any other organisations, that share their information using intranet.
Of course, there are no limits to use that template by other business branches, that's the suggestion only.

The template is very simple, characterized by lightness and clearness focusing on the worth of content.
Take a look at the module positions of that template:
JM-Intranet-Corporation - module positions

Topbox & bottom positions works in the similar way. What does it mean, that they are horizontaly and verticaly flexible?
It means, that the maksimum number of displayed modules for topbox position is 3 and for bottom position one more - 4.
So, it gives you the possibility to reduce modules and display less modules for that positions.
However, if you need to display more than 3 or 4 modules in one row, the special code allows to go to another row.

We have used Content-Pagebreak plugin to display content.
It's the most useful and easy solution to save some space and what is more, present the valuable content in a very esthetic way.
This built-in plugin gives you the possibility to choose from tabs, sliders or table of content to segregate all articles, that you belive to be most important, in suitable categories.

The template includes 3 module designs. The green one is the default colour for modules but using 2 additional suffixes red & grey, you will modify the design.

What additional extensions the template uses?
The main horizontal menu - DJ-MultiTreeMenu
Slider Rotator for "Developer's Library" custom module - DJ-ImageSlider component and module

Have a closer look at all template's features here.