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JM-Free-Ebooks - new release for J2.5 and J3.0

| Andrzej Herzberg | News


We've recently released the new template for Joomla 3.0 and 2.5 - JM-Free-Ebooks

The template supports DJ-Catalog2 component that has been imporved with new great features lately. It's used for presenting free ebooks as you can see in a very elegant and attractive way. There is a choice between blog and table views to diplsay products. Of couse you can configure many settings in the DJ-Catalog2 configuration, so if you wonder if there is a possibility to change thumbnails images or get rid of price of manufacturer be sure that those options (and not only) are fully configurable.

One of the new features are custom fields that can be created for any category. This way you can make a list of products' properties and use them foe each category while creating new product in your catalog.


Custom fileds may be also used as filters to make searching a product more effectively.



Thougth there is a possibility to display the product price, note that DJ-Catalog2 is not a store component. There is no shopping cart included.
We've used product attachment parameter to allow users to download the free ebook.


Now the download button is visible for all site visitors but you can set permissions fo any user group, for example for registered only.


Social icons are displayed on each product as well as you can allow site visitors to post facebook comments (both are optional).



Of course those are few useful features only, more you can learn in the DJ-Catalog2 documentation.

The template supports another our extension DJ-MediaTools component that seamlessly integrate with DJ-Catalog2.
Besides standard image slides you can import product items to the Mediatools Album and display images that redirects to a product page.

Check tempalte documentation:

JM-Free-Ebooks J2.5

JM-Free-Ebooks J3.0

  • EF3 framework
  • the template layout positions, module suffixes, typography