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JM-Fashion-Trends - examples of header.

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

JM-Fashion-Trends - the latest tamplate supports DJ-MediaTools component. It's the commercial Joomla extension that is included to the template's price. It means that you will get DJ-MediaTools if you purchase the template.
We would like to show you how you can use it for different header presentation.

The current header is divided into 2 parts ( you can enable 2 modules at header position).
At the left side we've placed the simplest view of DJ-MediaTools module.
The right side includes custom code (you can put anything you want here)

Current header. 



Example 2


Tabber view with customized description effect, tabs width and height as well as tabs position.
Check the header on the demo site


Example 3


Slideshow with Thumbnails with customized thumbnails width and height and slide effect. More settings you can configure in the module options.
Check the header on the demo site.


Example 3



On hover effect looks as follows:



Gallery Grid view customized with customized images dimensions and slide effect.
Check the header on the demo site


Check more examples.