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JM Doctor - the latest release for Joomla! 3

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

Our latest template for Joomla 3 called JM Doctor is simply perfect for any kind of health & medical specialists site. However customers who're looking for the minimalistic Joomla template suitable for creating clean and uncomplicated services site may find this template excellent as well.

The demo of this template presents the most common content items using on similar service sites. Let's focus on several examples and main features.

Clear contact details

Must give your site visitors the clear instructions how to make an appointment or send the message to ask any questions in case any doubts. The driving directions is always helpful so place all those information on the bottom of your site - the most intuitive place where such info should appear.


contact icons


After clicking on visit us icon your client will be redirected to the simple contact form and google map with your company address - the address details can be generated with Google Maps and placed in the wrapper module that shows an iFrame window to specified location.

wrapper google map module


Use Tabs & Accordion

This excellent template uses DJ-Tabs extension - in our opinion it's very handy solution for such sites since you can arrange your website in a very clear way. Collect your service details, segregate them and place in tabber. Of course icons you see on the example can be uploaded while creating the particular tab item.

Content Tabs


Or use accordion option for the same puropose.
Take a look at 4 item types that can be displayed with the module - single article, article category, module position, video - shortly very very flexible module!
Note: DJ-Tabs is the commercial extension included for free with this template.

content accordion

Animated CSS3 effects

There are plenty of Custom HTML modules ready to use. All of them make your site even more attractive, moreover you can make your site visitors focus on the specific information that they may find important.

The typography article (Template Features -> Typoghraphy on the demo site) presents all custom modules with the ready code. All you need to do is changing the text and upload the image on your server.
For example such an icon menu with the great hover animated css3 effect is very eye catching so you can enter here links to the gallery, news section or advices!


animated css3 icons

The detailed instruction how to change incons and text you will find in the documentation of this template.

TIP: How to create custom html module.


Gallery & Slides

It's highly recommended to create the gallery of your products, services you offer or interior of the doctor's office to let your clients get familiar with your offers before they use services of you.

DJ-MediaTools extension gives you the large wide of gallery and slides views to select from and display images, articles or videos!

Note: DJ-MediaTools is the commercial extension included for free with this template.



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