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JM-Classifieds, Business Template

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

jm-classifiedsJM-Classifieds template is created to present a new extension release which is DJ-Classifieds - very funcional component for advertising. Everyone especially owners of a social portals can find this extension as a very useful one. People could add their adverts in a thematic categories ( job, car sells, home rates etc. ) and what is more you can charge users for it. The management of this component is very easy, read the detaild description in the component manual here.

Of course if you like the design of the template but you are not interested in DJ-Classifieds, there is no problem to uninstall it and use the template only.
That's why I would like to describe the most important template's parts, which can help you with implementing a website.

Starting with logo image, it is loacated in templates directory in jm-classifieds/images/logo.png . The dimensions of logo.png are ( 290x70 in pixels ) , but if you logo is a little bit larger, it will not cause any damage.

The JM-Classifieds uses our standard menu, which is DJ-Menu.
You can download the latest version of the menu from

The header area is divided into 2 parts - header-mod and header positions.
If you disable header-mod position, the header container will extend to 100% website width.
On the subpages we resign from header-mod position to show wider images, which are assigned to different menu links.

On the header position we placed another module DJ-TickerNews, which is is located absolutely.
Read more about this simple article rotator.

Three coloured modules at the top of website can be displayed on each subpage. The default colour module is grey but there is a posibility to set other background colour using suffixes.
See here all suffixes the template contains.

The layout of JM-Classifieds is different on the fronpage and subpages.
The frontpage layout consists of two columns content-right.
On the other hand the subpage layout consists of 3 columns left-content-right , where left and right columns are narrower than the right column on the frontpage.
Remember that if  you have any wide ( more than  181px ) displayed on the frontpage, this module may be too wide to display it on subpages.

See all template's features here.