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JM-Building-Services - new responsive template released!

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

There's another responsive Joomla template in our store - JM-Building-Services fantastic design for such businesses and useful solutions.






















The template's code is based on a very functional framework that allows to configure many useful settings at the template manager. We strongly encourage to check them out at our knowledge base area.

The demo site of this template presents the example of site for building, electricity, constructions and heating services to show you how you can compose your own site using those examples. It may be a kind of the inspiration for our customers.
The demo site does not use all of the template layout positions, so it's worth to check them all in case you need to arrage any of modules in different way.
Also check how the layout changes for smartphones and tablets - it differs from the desktop layout to adjust the site content to small screens.

But the main feature that I would like to mention about is DJ-Classifieds component used on the demo site. This is the great Joomla extension for creating website with local classifieds. You can build the advanced classifieds website using DJ-Classifieds features like: custom fields, advanced search or paid ads.

Take a look at the example of the search module of DJ-Classifieds:

jm-building-services-horizontal search 

As you can see you may create as many custom fields as you wish, depending on the product that is going to be sold.
There's possibility to create custom fields for each category, it means that if you need to create mutlicategory classifieds site, each category may include various custom fields to make it easy to add ads by customers or search through classifieds.

Take a look at another example, this time maps module. The module displays classifieds from the selected category:


We strongly encourage to check all features of DJ-Classifieds more carefully.

Currently there's English, Polish, Spanish and German translations for this extension but we belive that our customers will provide more translations soon :)

The template uses other our extensions like: DJ-Catalog2, DJ-Menu, DJ-ImageSlider.
All of them are fully responsive with this template (adjusts to small screens)!