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JM Beauty Center - check some interesting info about this template.

| Andrzej Herzberg | News

JM Beauty Center is our latest Joomla! 3 template addressed for any beauty salons related with services like hairdresser, wellness, massage, spa, fashion stylist or even a gym. The demo site includes many helpful ready made pages as well as extensions that perfectly suit the purpose. Let's check several examples!


Front Page

Header examples

We couldn't decide which front page appearance is best - the one with slider on full width page or the smaller one limitted with the template width. That's why we've set up several header views with different slider options and effects. Under the Home link you will find 7 examples of the header, choose which one you like best :)


Module positions

Customers look at the front page of the template and analyze if the template layout meet their requirements but you need to remember that the demo site is the example only. If you would like to add more module positions or disable any module just take a look at all available module positions of the template, those ones marked with flexible sign can be duplicated according to bootstrap grid system rules and set up for Bootstrap Size Joomla module parameter.




3 boxes

Those boxes use custom HTML code ready to use. Just modify text, images and optionally icons.

TIP: How to create a custom HTML module?


The first and the second ones redirect to the services list done with DJ-Flyer extension - in our opinion the excellent Joomla! extension to present company services with the short description. 
There are 2 more layout views available for this extension. Check all of them navigating Extension -> DJ-Flyer.
Please note that DJ-Flyer is the commercial extension but it's included for free with this template.


The third box is linked with the video gallery created with DJ-MediaTools. This is the powerful slider and gallery extension that allows users to choose from numerous slider views, effects and providing tons of features like multiupload, drag and drop ordering, touch screen, video albums, putting albums inside articles and many more!
Check all available sliders and gallery views by navigating the menu Extensions -> DJ-MediaTools

Please note that DJ-MediaTools is the commercial extension but it's included for free with this template.


Custom pages

We've prepared several custom pages that you may found helpful. 

About us

Show your customer that she/he the most important for you that's why there are only best cosmetics used to do the best service in your company. 


Show off the most complimentary review of your company or clients testimonials that most recommend your company services.

The more let your customers visit your workers social profiles and allow them to link with them.


The team

Let your clients meet your company team
We've created this view using DJ-MediaTools but you can also display all workers in the static way using the ready made code available in the typography article.


Pricing table

There is nothing to hide, show your services prices.


Live demoCheck more details